Monday, March 24, 2008

Suspensions Partially Announced

Honestly, this blogging thing is becoming a full time job... check that, talking about this series has been a full time job.

Requests have poured in around the league to get the take on what's going on between the Broncos and Pats and the two hits which will see Brett Leffler and Jordan Eberle miss game three (at the very least). Radio shows in Calgary, Moose Jaw and Regina all want the Broncos take on it. Tomorrow afternoon the Wolf's Chad Hansen (an old college buddy) wants to do a bit on his afternoon show....

So, the league has announced indefinite suspensions for both Pats players. Can we move on now? Not likely.

I wish both teams had their best players available to them, sadly it's not the case and this is what we're left with. In a perfect world, all four players would be a part of game four.

It's too bad the Broncos defenseman will be out presumably longer than the two Pats players but that's hockey and it's all part of the adversity of the players.

I've now heard the Pats have sent a kneeing minor penalty clip assessed to Zack Smith on J.D. Watt under supplemental discipline. They want the league to suspend the Broncos captain. Who knows on this one? I saw the penalty occur. The boards blocked my view of the actual contact. I don't know. I do know Watt was out moments later to work the powerplay.

Every hit from here on out in this series is going to be under the microscope. Who knows, this could be the tip of the iceberg.


All this talk has pushed blog hits to a record number today (approaching 600 already ). Thanks Regina. They've played a huge role in today's activity without question.

For those coming down tomorrow night, drive safe. A flash snowstorm began this afternoon across the City and continues here at 6:30pm.

**Also my colorman has put his blog back in business. Ryan Switzer is again posting at . It's about time Switz, shouldering the Broncos media load is becoming a bit much after the recent events in this series.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Jon, I'm a Pats fan and I read these blog entries (both yours and Rod Pedersens) with interest and amusement. One thing is for sure is what you have mentioned in your most recent posting---we need to this series played by every player. This would put to rest all the BS that has gone on for a week and a half already. Wouldn't that be nice. Also, those fellows underneath you on Sat. night really just want to have a beer. That's what Sat. nights are for, right!?!