Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good to be Home...

After a quick rip down the TransCanada back to Swift it was nice to get back and get home after an adventurous weekend in Regina.

Forget the drama on the ice, there was plenty off it as well.

Friday night Ryan and I went for a quick walk for a bite to eat after the game. We didn't get far from out hotel until we heard a man yelling and a woman screaming a block ahead on Victoria. This guy was getting all physical and tough with her in an awful looking domestic dispute. He pushed her hard to the cement sidewalk. Ouch.

She saw us and asked for help and Ryan and I stepped in. The thoughts of "Canada's Most Dangerous City" crossed my mind... I don't want to get stabbed over this. We had some words for the guy and calmed down the girl. We let the authorities take it from there. We weren't the only ones who saw this disturbing display.

On a lighter note, I was visiting my best friend and his wife along with their twin boys a couple hours before game one. One of the little guys was sitting on my knee when he reached up with his hand and put a vice grip on my glasses snapping them into two pieces....

A little crazy glue and some attention got them through the weekend.... close call.


On the ice, the Broncos got a big third period effort to come from behind and pull even with the Pats in the best-of-seven series with a 5-3 win.

The concern around the team is on Jesse Dudas and Michael Wilson after being injured in the first two games.

In our pre-game show, Broncos Head Coach and G.M. Dean Chynoweth commented on the Leffler hit on Wilson from game one which resulted in an indefinite suspension to the Pats power forward.

" It was vicious and an intent to injure. After reviewing it today (Saturday) and talking with the league office back and forth I thought it was an awful hit. Losing your number one defenseman 10 seconds was a real big blow not only 5-on-5 but on the powerplay."

Compound that with Eberle's hit on Dudas last night and the emotions multiply. The Broncos have seen two of their top four defenseman go down on suspension worthy hits.

These guys play for our enjoyment and create so much emotion and passion for fans on both sides. It's how thousands of fans spent their weekend. This is their entertainment.... including mine. To see two guys go down with serious injuries for the sake of entertainment and a little city and team pride makes me ill. Let's put things in perspective for a second.

This is a development league first and foremost, these types of hits can't be tolerated. These guys playing for a 100 bucks a week chasing a dream. It's a tough and dangerous road. These players deserve our respect. If was the parent of one of these players I don't know if I could watch. How do you do it?

It's been a hard hitting series on both accounts. No one said this was going to be easy.

It's in the league's hands now.


The series shifts to Swift Current's Credit Union I-plex for games three and four. Home ice advantage? On paper yes, in reality not really. The Pats won all three playoff games in Swift Current last year including the game six series clincher in overtime. All three were dynamite games that could have went either way.

There isn't too many teams in the Conference that could survive two top defenseman going down with injury but both of the Pats and Broncos have great depth at that position.

Spencer McAvoy went back to defense last night while Erik Felde has proven he can do it too. He played 10-12 games on the back-end this year and played well. Joel Rogers is still waiting in the wings to get into this series as a healthy scratch although putting the young kid into this series might be like throwing him to the wolves. He hasn't played in a couple weeks and the intensity has picked up since he last suited up.

Bottom line, the Broncos will be ok, not great, but ok.

How good has the kid line been for the Broncos? Justin Dowling will more than likely get credit for the first Broncos goal giving him the playoff hat-trick. Cody Eakin has been more than you could ever ask for and Geordie Wudrick is playing great with the two rookies.

Pats colorman Al Dumba had a good line on their broadcast... "maybe these kids don't even know they're playing in a big game and are just going out and playing hockey."

Anything out of the kids is a bonus. Levi Nelson, Zack Smith, Dale Wiese, Keegan Dansereau, David Stieler, Erik Felde and Matt Tassone will all factor in before this series is done if they haven't already.


A few Regina Pats fans were trying to yell up to our broadcast location after the game. These "grown men" actually looked like they wanted to take a run at Ryan and I. Calling us on from the concourse. Are you kidding me? All this over a hockey game. Three guys in their late 30's or 40's all decked out in Pats gear all making tough faces while throwing their arms in the air as to gesture "come on down here". At least now I have a face to go with their internet handles. Honestly Darcy....

Ryan headed down during the coaches show for a friendly chat, he wanted to have a beer with these guys... I told him be careful, we've seen enough violence for a one weekend. By the time he got down there, they were gone. Probably for the best.

Perhaps we shouldn't have responded or acknowledged them... it's like feeding a stray cat. They will just keep on comin' back looking for more. Meow.


Just one game today, the Warriors take on the Hitmen today at the Saddledome. Hitmen radio on the Fan 960 called me yesterday. They want to talk to me in their intermission about our crazy series and the rest of the WHL playoffs.

As for today, I'm gonna relax and watch two other teams beat on each other for a change.

Happy Easter,



dtjensen said...

Jon, come on lets be frank here, yes we yelled up to your booth, but to be honest I don't think we even knew you could here us... But then you started yelling back down, and if that is your game hell come on down, tell us what you think when you are not 40 feet in the air... I couldn't even hear you... Damn dude if you honestly have something worthy to say to us we will listen, and I promise I won't break you in 1/2... Dude, I am not going to fight someone over a hockey game, I have kids and a family, and too much to lose to do anything stupid... We were having fun, and we were not looking to start a rumble or anything... Hay if you want to have a brew, or if any of your cronies want to have a brew, damn dude, I am game we can have a brew, and I can tell you just why I think the Broncos suck, and why I think your blog is crap...

Jon Keen said...


I appreciate the clarification on your part.

I have a job to do. This is what I do for a living. This is how I make my truck and mortgage payments.

Me and my friends don't show up at your work place and tell you suck. Yell at you and challenge you to fight.

I can seperate hockey from life.

The question is can you?

But if you wanna chat hockey and leave the personal stuff out of I'm ok with that.

Hopefully the rest of the series is as interesting as the first two games.


dtjensen said...

Dude trust me, I am not the type to want to start crap, however I will not back away from it either. I believe that the only reason my bud started yelling up at you was because there were Bronco fans yelling at Roddie, while he was doing his post game, and if you listen to his overtime show you can hear him tell them to go home, so don't think we are the only beligerants... As far as coming to my work and telling me that I suck, heckling me and challenging me to a fight, come on over dude, hell send me an email and if Friday works good for you, how about it... I think it would be awesome... Maybe you could work it in as some kind of publicity stunt?
Trust me Jon, you have earned some respect from me after I read your blog, and saw that you helped someone in distress... Kudos for you and your friend for stepping in, I think too many people would just walk away...
As far as the series goes Jon, I hope that the Pats can rebound, and at least get a split in Speedy Creek, I do think the Broncos have the Pats on life support after that come back in the third last night, but trust me Jon, the Pats are not dead yet.. Anyhow Jon, cheers and if you want to go for a brew Friday, shoot me an email you have my E-Address... Later Jon, and Best of Luck in the Series...

Jon Keen said...

Ok, Fair enough. See you Friday in game five. Do you always sit directly below the media box?

Bee said...

For someone who claims not to want any part in this city bashing business, comments like those do nothing but fan the flames. Who is to say that those people they say fighting weren't Bronco fans in town for the game? I'm not going to get into all of the things that are wrong with that article, because (A) this isn't the place, and (B) I don't have the time. Having said that, Regina is no more a haven for crime than Swift Current is a hick town. The guy down the street from me is a proud farmer (looks like one too ) and Swift Current is no crime-free utopia. I think most people here need to get over themselves. I'm happy that you are glad to live where you do. I'm also glad to live where I do. McDonald's melt-downs and all. I have absolutely nothing against Swift Current, but this back and forth bickering is stupid. I think everyone needs to step back and take a long, hard look in the mirror before they go accusing others of anything.

I think that last sentence could work for the hockey side of this as well. (Hockey, remember that? The reason we're all here?)