Friday, March 28, 2008

Game Five Tonight!

The Broncos arrived last night to get settled in for game five at the Brandt Center.

The club pulled into the Brandt Center to unload just shortly after 9pm.

The team will try to gain the upper hand for the first time in this series in a building where they won game two to even the series. The home team is 2-2 in this series.

Coming into Regina I heard a lot about supposed Pats fever. Really? Pats fever? I don’t see it.
It feels like December 4th around here. Oh there’s a bit of chatter but no more than usual. Will it be a sell-out tonight? Not unless the walk up crowd is over-whelming. Too bad, this is a great series and the best of the first round.

I cracked open the LeaderPost Sports section this morning and I must say the LP led by Rob Vanstone is doing a marvellous job of covering this series. Not only is there content but quality too. The Broncos have gotten a fair shake from them. Vanstone, Harder and Switzer have done a bang-up job.

Vanstone’s opinion piece earlier this week saying the two Regina hits were punishable and that their fans need to wake up was a breath of fresh air out of the Queen City. Rob calls it like he sees it, and doesn’t have the Pats cloak around his neck. An impartial observer, and he has been great.

However, there are more laughable blogger complaints again today. Blah, blah, vicious elbow, blah, blah spear. Broken record. To me it’s a sign of a lack of confidence. To say the officiating has turned in the Broncos favour is another gut-buster. Powerplays are dead even in this series and even that in my opinion has favoured the much larger and physical Pats.

More nonsense.

What is fact though is these two teams are going to hook-up for a big game five in this series in about nine hours from now. Bronco fans are headed up in droves for this one. They will be LOUD. Let’s hope the Broncos give them something to cheer about.

More later. I’m off to set up my gear and get some pre-game interviews done, and find out the status of veteran defenseman Michael Wilson. Will he return tonight? This weekend? We will wait and see. We will have the answer on the pre-game show at 6:30pm on the Eagle 94.1 FM, play-by-play with myself and Ryan Switzer at 7.



dtjensen said...

Keen, the penalties are not dead even, especially if you look at the stats from the other night... Unless you are smoking some kind of Weed... Keen, I will say hi, and how about we make a friendly brew wager on tonights game... Keen the other night the penalty on Ryan Bender, which resulted in the tying goal... Sorry dude, but that is not a penalty, and should not have been called... What I am reading here is that you and the Broncos seem a little confident, maybe a little over confident... I maybe mistaken, but how can you not say that the elbow on Eberle the other night was not a penalty? Is that justifiable in your observation, and if so in what league are you watching? Or like I mentioned weed is not good for you dude...
I, actually hope that Wilson does return tonight, remember Wilson if you are dressed remember keep your head up, because you looked like an idiot, the way you were drooling a week ago... also Keen, I feel that the Pats will have a big boost tonight, with the return of Leffler for game 5, and with Leff returning maybe they might want to sit Wilson for the remainder of this series, because if anyone can punish the smaller purebred ponies, it will be him... Good Luck in the Series Jon, and enjoy tonight... It will be Mayhem at the Brandt...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon....Do the Broncos have any call ups for the playoffs like we did last year. I know the Pats have, but i haven't heard anything from the Broncos end.


Jon Keen said...


The Broncos have had some players in this week from their list but they've come and gone. Just in for a quick taste.

There are no present call-ups and the roster sits at 24.