Friday, March 21, 2008

Back in Black

The annual playoff tradition involving hair color and styles has reached the Broncos dressing room.

A jet-black look will be unveiled tonight during tonight's National Anthem.

The guys do it as a sign of unity and to change things up a bit for the post-season. Cody Eakin has the wildest look on the squad... wait and see on that one.


The team had a light skate this morning at the Brandt Center and by all indications the ice is good. There has been some concern the last week from the Pats regarding ice conditions but the Broncos had no complaints other than "it was a little soft". Apparently it's come a long ways in the past few days. Whether or not it holds up over three periods and possible overtime is another story.

We're on the air for the pre-game show at 6:30pm. We will do a bit of playoff round table with some help from fellow broadcasters James Gallo, Bruce Luebke and Jeff Hollick. The three will take us through the other 1st round series in the Eastern Conference.

Face-off at 7pm.... let's get this series going.


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