Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Guide for Regina Media

Ok to those out of town media folks in the Queen City who will shortly be consumed with all things Broncos and Pats I thought I would put together a little Broncos Tutorial. Broncos Hockey for Dummies if you will... no offense intended, just a figure of speech.

Copy and paste, pin it up in your newsroom, heck bring it to the Brandt Center or the I-plex... and feel free to reference it at any time.

It's Dale Wiese (rhymes with niece, not Dale wise or wyce). He's our leading goal scorer (29) and averaged nearly a point per game. He's physical, has a great shot and is one of the leaders on the team. He'll be turning pro more than likely next season.

Mark Guggenberger (Goo-genn-burg-er) . You may not see him in the Broncos goal this series. But if he does make an appearance, keep an eye on him. You never know what you might miss. He's a character. Leads the trash talk on and off the ice and may even give you a good quote if you're lucky and ask the right questions.

Bretton Stamler. The best interview on the team... a well spoken mature player. If you want to talk to a player who won't give you a cliche and really gives you a thoughtful answer, he's your guy. Try him out Leaderpost you won't be disappointed.

Matt Tassone (Ta-SONY) sounds just like the video game system. The Italian Stallion. He only played half a season last year but was easily the nicest surprise this campaign with 19 goals. He's the one that won't make the headlines on the Dansereau/Nelson/Tassone line but he's a huge part of it.

Cody Eakin. Yes we know he's only 16, and yes we know he's good. How good? Wait and see. He centers the Broncos third line.

Levi Nelson. He's still a pest. But he's our pest and our fans love him.

David Stieler and Jan Dalecky. (Schteel-er, Dal-ets-ski) The Kladno, CZE connection. David's English is much better this season, Janny has some work to do.

Zack Smith. The best player you've never heard of.

Ryan Molle (Molly). For all you football crazed Regina media yes he is the son of former Winnipeg Blue Bomber Bob Molle. He has a better shot and skates better than his old man though. Sorry Bob!

Erik Felde (Fel-dee) He can scoot. The only American born (skater) on the roster. Might be the fastest player in the Conference when he gets it wound up.

Tim Kehler (Kell-er). One of the more articulate coaches in the WHL. A first year WHL assistant after spending three years in Trail in the BCJHL. Ask him some questions... he would be glad to oblige. He's also a stand-up comedian in his spare time.

Media This'n' That

- No one that lives in Swift Current actually calls it Speedy Creek. Sure it sounds cool, but it's a sure sign you aren't from here.

- I've also never heard anyone from here ever call the Broncos "The Horsemen". Again, sounds cool but....

- The rink is located off the Highway 4 South exit on your way into town. It's now called the Credit Union I-plex, not the Centennial Civic Center, although everyone still slips up now and then.

- Our fans in our rink tend to get in the way of TV cameras. Not on purpose, it's just the set-up along the top railing. Not much you can do about it. If you go into the media box, then you will have some of the support beams in your way... can't win.

- Note to CTV. Can Danny McIntosh tag along next week? Great guy.

-Hey Danny Plaster from Global Regina. We haven't had a beer together since the Lethbridge days...back when you were Dan Vernon and tearing up the Top Six at Six. Maybe I'll bring a tape from our one... and only Hurricanes broadcast from '99.

- Yes the ladders up the media box can be tricky. Please don't step on anyone's head on your way down.

- Our media room is filled with fresh vegetables and Pitas pre-game. Once there, you will meet George B. He runs the joint. George may seem like an easy going, nice guy but beware.... he's one of us! When he comes to cover the games at the Brandt Center for the local Prairie Post, please make him feel welcome up on media row. Thanks.

- Tuesday night post game fun? The choices are endless. There are some great little lounges in the downtown area. Ask me for directions, heck I may even drive you there.

Enjoy the series guys....



Anonymous said...

Great post Jon!!

However, you could put this right in front of CTV's so called Sports Director Lee Jones' face and he would still get the names wrong. Goes to show he has total disregard for any team outside a 30km radius of Regina. Time to promote Chris Hodges!!

Good Luck this series!!

Anonymous said...

Erik Felde (Fel-dee) He can scoot. The only American born player on the roster. Might be the fastest player in the Conference when he gets it wound up.

Hey Jon, i thought that Guggenberger was from Minnesota?

Jon Keen said...

Yes! I guess I meant Felde is the only American born skater.


Bee said...

Lee Jones can't even pronounce the Pats players' names right half the time, so don't be too worried about him. I've heard him pronounce the same name two different ways in the same report...wrong both times!

delinquent # 2 said...

Yes, Guggenberger cant skate. And Lee Jones happens to be one of saskatchewan's best tv sports guy, mr anonomous. Do you have a tv, mr anonomous? Should be a good series....Jon.

Mitchell Blare said...

I think you're giving the Regina media too much credit Jon. You need to include the obvious with them:

Dean Chynoweth (shuh-NOWTH) (rhymes with south). Not Dean Chin-o-with.