Sunday, March 16, 2008

More From Last Night

After a couple calls from friends and upset Bronco fans this morning I felt I would quickly revisit what transpired at the end of the game last night...

In a scene all too familiar involving the Moose Jaw Warriors, Bronco fans left the rink questioning the end of the game celebrating and bully tactics of the visiting team.

Broncos leading scorer Zack Smith again was forced into fighting one of the big men of the Warriors as Frazer Mclaren went after him in the corner at the final buzzer. Smith broke the 70 point mark last night but still has had to scrap the Warriors Ryley Grantham and Frazer Mclaren in the last two meetings at the I-plex.

An over-excited Terrance Dellorande left the ice slapping his stick in celebration as he jawed back and forth with fans.

We asked Broncos Assistant Coach Tim Kehler in the postgame show about it... a candy coated response from Tim still had some bite to it...

JK: What about the way the Warriors left the ice, I don't know... I thought it was a classless act. Do you think they were taking the moral victory?

Tim: Well, it was an emotional game. It ended emotionally with our captain and Frazer Mclaren fighting it out. I think there have been a couple players on the Warriors team that have probably shown a little more emotion than they would have wanted to and didn't necessarily represent the club I think they would want to be represented.

It's a couple of kids and those things aren't directed from the bench it just kind of happens the way the players were all out on the ice together. It's disappointing but....we will see if we meet them in the Conference final I guess"

Mclaren has been at the end of the WHL rope a couple times already this season. Let's see if the league sends the Warriors a message by sitting him in the opening game of the playoffs.


The post-game chat turned over to the Pats/Broncos first round match-up...

Assitant Coach Tim Kehler spoke on the anticipated series..."I'm not disappointed to see Regina in round one. I think it's a team we match up well against. Clearly they are team playing very well of late winning seven of eight to close off the season. We're going to have to be at our absolute best to beat them but I think our absolute best does beat them. Our kids are excited about playing them.

Jon and You and I talked about Friday, they're an easy team to dislike because they get a lot of media attention, they have a a lot of big name players and they've been at the top all year so you always want to knock off the team on the top and we have a great opportunity to do that.

Awards banquet tomorrow night... I'll try and post a recap.

Have a great Sunday folks,



Anonymous said...

Jon, are you going to respond to all the posters on Rod's blog? They are sure talking about you over there. Not sure why thats the case/

Jon Keen said...

In a word, no.

This series isn't about the teams respective broadcasters it's about the two teams and players on the ice. That's the way I want to keep it.

Not sure why some of the posters have such an infatuation with me over there.

Of course Rod has the choice to reject or post the comments he receives. I guess it's in his hands.

To quote every coach I've ever talked to "why worry about things you can't control"