Sunday, March 23, 2008


Warning, this WILL be a big story in the coming days.... it will be what everyone surrounding this series will talk about........

A Broncos come-from-behind 5-3 win tonight in Regina was bittersweet with the loss of defenseman Jesse Dudas for an unknown period after a check from behind from Jordan Eberle.

Wow, I just had a look at the replay of the hit... it makes me sick to me stomach almost. Maybe the worst hit of the year on a Bronco player.

Dudas had just moved the puck up ice after catching Eberle on a partial breakaway. Eberle put a shot on the lower back of Dudas and hurled him face first into the side/corner boards.

Eberle is not that type of player and doesn't have a history of that but the league office will be busy.... again.

That hit would draw a hefty suspension during the regular season. Not sure how the league will see this one. In a suspension situation, the league factors in the hit itself, the severity of the injury and the track record/reputation of the player at fault.

Just before face-off word came down from the league office that Brett Leffler had been suspended indifnetly for his opening shift high hit on Michael Wilson in game one.

The Broncos will be without two of their top four defenseman possibly for some time.

Bittersweet win to say the least.

This series is getting ugly...

I'll have a complete recap tomorrow after what was a wild weekend on and off the ice in the Queen City.




Ivan said...

Two games, two intent to injure incidents from a team that had 21 fines and suspensions this season and the playoff motto "punish". The league has a few things to consider here.

Toswammi said...

My prediction.....Eberle gets nothing as the league decide a star player missing some time in a playoff game, doesn't need to miss any more. Think of it as a Pronger/Simon thing. Personally i havn't seen the hit, but from accounts from both sides now, it was a hit delivered in the most dangerous part of the ice, and players should now better. What he "should get" and what he "will get" imo will be vastly different things.

Jon Keen said...


Good point.

Punish or punished? Depending on what the league does now.

Anonymous said...

That hit was from behind, way from the puck, and also boarding.

The most telling part of how late it was is that most people at the game didn't see it at all.

Glad it was captured on vidoe. Too bad for Dudas he was a rock in those two games. Hopefully he will return to the Broncos next year to anchor the defense. t

Anonymous said...

Maybe Dudas should hit the weight room if Eberle can push him over. He should get 0 games. It's not like he is Pronger or Simon...this guy was in the Lady Bing voting not like those two proven goons in the NHL.

Anonymous said...

i think eberle will probably get two games. no he isn't a dirty player, or overly physical for that matter, but he did hit a guy from behind. i'm a pats fan and i see perhaps a dangerous trend here. eberle got a hitting from behind penalty a few weeks ago. the league might keep this in mind. it's been a great series so far and hopefully the physical play keeps up!