Monday, March 31, 2008

Quick Hit...

I love predictions.... not so much mine but others.

Here's one I saw heading into the playoffs from the Calgary Herald's John Down:

"Regina vs. Swift Current: If Pats play a robuts game, they can sweep"
I think he meant to say "robust" but that's besides the point.

I love going to Calgary for games at the Saddledome. My favorite part? Sitting in the media room having someone from one of the two big papers talk my ear off about how good Calgary is.

Nevermind asking me about the Broncos.... could care less.

The Broncos last went into Calgary on a nine game winning streak in February. I quietly drank my coffee and poured over the gamenotes while a couple beat reporters rambled on "Calgary this, Calgary that".

You don't have to tell me they're good. I know. I've seen them play several times. Depth, coaching, a rockstar blueline....

Three hours later and short five regulars from the line-up, the Broncos made it 10 in a row....

Stop the presses... breaking news! The Broncos are pretty good too.

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