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Way to Go Mo! / Bantam Draft Preview

Stewart Valley native and all around good-guy Travis Moen was the overtime hero for the Ducks last night. His goal 2:07 into overtime powered Anaheim to a 3-2 win and now a commanding 3-1 series advantage over Vancouver.

We had a lot of fun with it on the Eagle morning show today. We had some old clips of Travis from his appearances with us and broke down his post-game interview with Scott Oake of CBC Sports.

It's the first time he's ever scored in overtime... the biggest goal of his career no doubt.

Let's hope Trapper brings the cup home to Swift Current.


The Swift Current Broncos head into tomorrow's WHL bantam draft under the direction of Director of Player Personnel Jaime Porter (left). I tracked him down yesterday in Calgary for a little preview. Here's the transcript of a few questions thrown his way.

JK: What's the mindset of the Broncos staff with the 1st round pick 9th overall?

JP: Well our mindset will be to take the best player possible, see what's available at that time. We have two forwards and two defenseman identified. We'll wait to see what falls to us and make a decision at that time.

JK: Do expect any surprises in round one?

JP: You always hope there's a surprise in front of you, usually that means an extra guy on your list to take a look at. I think the first group will probably fall into place as everybody expects for the most part. Then it's in that next group just before us, probably three or four picks before us that will make things interesting on draft day.

JK: When looking at the depth chart do you head into the draft with a specific need at any of the three positions?

JP: No I don't think so. I think the last two drafts we've had the 90's and 91's have solved that for us, we've got ourselves some depth in the organization and pretty much every position. So now it gives up the opportunity to pick and choose a little bit and pick the best player.

JK: What about drafting local? Any plans to take some south-west Saskatchewan kids? Do you think there's interest from other teams?

JP: I'm sure that there will be guys taken. As you go through the draft you never know where guys will fall after the first few rounds. There will be some south-west Saskatchewan guys that will be taken there's no doubt. You like to take guys who are close from home but at the same time you have to take what's there.

JK: How deep in the draft are the Broncos prepared to go?

JP: I would imagine we would go into at least the 8th round. After that we'd have to decide whether the next couple of choices are guys that we have a special interest for one reason or another but I think we'll go eight for sure.

JK: We've seen the Broncos really draft for size in the last few years. With the new enforcement of the rules we've see the return and the effectiveness of the smaller-skilled players. Will the Broncos be headed in that direction tomorrow?

JP: Absolutely, I think you'll see, especially in last year's draft and the '90 (1990 born) draft in some situations, we're starting to draft more with the idea that we need to get quicker. The smaller, skilled players are usually that way. They are quick and move and do things at high speeds. We're trying to do that, we're trying to make a team that can skate and one you'd have trouble keeping up with and you'll see that too with this draft I'm sure.

In other tidbits.... It looks like Portland will take Phoenix, AZ's Luke Moffat with the first overall pick. Apparently Portland is getting close to getting a commitment - they may even have one now. After initially kyboshing potentially playing in Portland, Moffat is slowly coming around, enough that Portland feels confident in selecting him.

I'm surprised there hasn't been more chatter about the Broncos re-signing Dean Chynoweth to a three year contract both good or bad. There was a lot of people grumbling earlier in the season. Now, I haven't heard very much of the negativity. Maybe it's the circles I run in or maybe the chatter has calmed down, not sure. I'm still waiting for the internet nay-sayers (they know who they are) to say their piece. So far.... silence. If you want me to go on the record I will.... it's a strong move. Let's keep the plan in place and the wheels in motion.

I was at the Brad Wall "Beans, Beef and Brad" bbq last night. For those who don't know, Brad Wall is our local M.L.A. and is also the Leader of the Opposition for the Saskatchewan Party. It was a good time. A very election-esq speech was delivered by Brad following the meal. Brad used to be a good public speaker, now he's great.


I think I'm in good hands on the golf course today should anything happen. The foursome will include Broncos Team Dentist Dr. David Stock, Team Chiropractor Dr. Kevyn Kristmanson and Broncos Athletic Therapist Paul Ayotte. Hopefully the T-storms stay away. High of 27 today in Speedy Creek.

Keep it here tomorrow for the latest info on the bantam draft. I'll try to update several times tomorrow time permitting.

See ya,

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