Saturday, May 12, 2007

Three Days Grace....

Man, it's been three days since my last blog entry? Where has the time gone?

Maybe it's the fact that all my cpu team has been dedicated to facebook lately. WARNING: Avoid facebook if you have an addictive personality...just throwing that out there.

-Not much to report these days. As much as I try to get into the WHL Championship series between the Hat and Vancouver I just can't. Maybe because it feels like summer to me, maybe it's the style of defense-first hockey both teams have implemented...not sure. I do plan to head to game six tomorrow night back in the 'Hat though. When you have a chance to go to a championship game just two hours down the take it.

- No offense to the Broncos and the rest of the WHL, but these two teams in the finals are heads and tails better than anyone else. Watching them play a mistake free brand of hockey for periods on end is pretty amazing. They deserve to be in the WHL final, they both deserve to play in the Memorial Cup.

- What's happened to the Tigers powerplay? It downright amazed me with it's creativity and puck movement earlier in the playoffs, now it just looks stagnant. Everyone one is standing still, there's no player movement, they're making bad decisions. It could be more of a case of what Vancouver is doing on the penalty kill than what the Tigers aren't doing.

- I feel almost guilty for saying this but I've lived at the golf course the past week. My schedule in the summer makes it easy... at work at 5am done by noonish.....whack. I know just by saying that Mike Fraser will be giving it to me. I got a phone call from a local businessman this week, he said "since you don't do anything in the summer, do you want to join our foursome this afternoon?" I think he was joking.... Scott, you were joking right?

- We have a staff bbq tonight at the Goodings. Should be a good time. A little bbq, some pops, maybe some poker. I know there's talk of a ping pong tournament.... yeah, ping pong, are you kiddin' me? I just had a grade seven flashback...

My flights are booked for the NHL draft in Columbus next month. The draft this year runs Friday/Saturday. It's Friday night primetime coverage of the first round then Saturday they'll rattle off rounds two thru seven. I'll get their late Wednesday night and get a bit of a feel for the city. My hotel (Hyatt Regency) is attached to the Nationwide Arena (pic below) - where the actual draft will take place. Like in past years, I'll be filing reports for our chain of radio stations.

I have to ask this question.... what in the heck is there to do in Columbus, Ohio? I've heard it's a "sleeper town" - that can be good or bad. Come to think of it, what does that mean anyways? So, has anyone ever been to Columbus?

So, who's going to be the next head coach in Moose Jaw, Edmonton and Prince Albert? Who's out there? I would expect Steve Young to land somewhere. A guy whose that nice is bound to get a break somewhere.

Have a good weekend, I'll post some thought of game six if I head west Sunday afternoon.



ernie said...


Same here. I certainly expect Steve Young to land somewhere as a head coach. I met him here once, checking out the Broncos and Raiders on a Moose Jaw off night. The guy is fantastic.

So you spend most of your time golfing. I can't say that's my type of thing, exactly.

I plan to start pushing some weights....when I get to it....and start on my GED....when I get to that. I keep pushing everything up and up...and up.... and UP! LOL

It'll happen.


Big Ern

Anonymous said...

Keener, heard that Moir is down backing up in the Central Hockey league championship final with the Laredo Bucks. James Heibert is on that team...can you verify this??

Jon Keen said...


You'll be fine. Dedication is one of your greatest attributes.


That's interesting about Moir and it wouldn't surprise me. I haven't heard anything. I will look into it. Thanks

jeff said...

Moir is listed on their roster but he hasn't played any minutes