Monday, May 14, 2007

Off to Game Seven!

I'll post some thoughts and some pictures provided the Motorola Q can capture some good shots of the game seven festivities....

Should be great, first time since 1994 the WHL final has gone the distance.



Mole said...

First time since 1994?! Wow! Correct me if I am wrong, JK, but was that not the series between Saskatoon and Kamloops when we were in high school? We drove to S'toon to see Game 6, and Ivan Salon scored with 0.1 seconds left in regulation to force Game 7. I remember Norm Maracle standing on his head for the Blades.

ernie said...

Hey Jon,

I bought a brand new FUJIFILM 6.3 MEGA PIXEL digital camera. They just came out. It's a new release. It was $200. It's so awesome though. I've always wanted one. So cool. Anyway...does the Motorola Q have a flash?

Big Ern

Jon Keen said...


You know what, I think you're right.

I know Kamloops bombed them 8-1 or something in game seven to win it.

Good work Moler