Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lots to Talk About

First up, thanks to Travis Moen for being a guest with the "Breakfast Boys" on the Eagle 94.1 FM morning show today. He's always accommodating when it comes to this stuff. Considering he's the eve of the biggest series of his life, it was nice that he made time for us today.

To sum up the chat, he's pretty calm about where they're at and what the Ducks have accomplished to date. He's preparing for what's going to be a "long,long series with Ottawa" in his words.
Moen and his linemates Sammy Pahlsson and Rob Niedermeyer will have the daunting task of shutting down Ottawa's big line of Dany Heatley, Jason Spezza and Daniel Alfredsson. Could it get much tougher for a checking line? Ottawa's dynamic trio has combined for 58 points so far. Trapper had a quiet confidence about him. It's amazing how grounded and at peace he is considering the circumstances.

We were joking that he was 26th in playoff scoring with his four goals and five assists, pretty good numbers for a defensive minded forward. We also asked him about that late penalty he took against Detroit in game six in the last three minutes which gave the Wings a chance to tie it on the pp. It's funny, before we went on air he shared his true thoughts on that call. But, as the question was asked on-air he was like "yeah, I have to know better, I can't get my stick up near the arm. A wiley veteran like Chris Chelios knows what to do in that situation." C'mon Trapper... give me something to work with here!

He says his cell phone is getting quite the workout from family and friends who are fully behind him. He fielded over 15 calls Tuesday night following the Ducks 4-3 win over Detroit to claim the Western Conference. Good luck to Travis and GO DUCKS.


Former Swift Current Bronco defenseman Keith McCambridge was named the new head coach of the Alaska Aces of the ECHL this afternoon. He's been the Assistant Coach the last three seasons and was given the head coaching reigns today. McCambridge played four seasons with the Broncos from 1991-95. He was part of the 92-93 dream team. By all accounts, he could do it all. Former Bronco Kimbi Danies plays with the Aces.


I talked with former Bronco Assistant Coach Rob Daum today in Houston. Daum is out of work after parting ways with the Houston Aeros of the AHL. Expect Daum to be back in the WHL sooner rather than later.
I was getting some comments from him regarding Todd Holt's induction into the Broncos Hall of Fame next month. Afterwards, the reporter instinct in me kicked in and I couldn't help but ask him about some potential WHL destinations for the longtime coach of the University of Alberta Golden Bears.
You have to think he's a front runner with the expansion Edmonton Oil Kings considering his familiarity to that market. What about Prince Albert? Moose Jaw? I think you can pretty much bank on his return to the WHL coaching ranks.

So the city of Swift Current and the Broncos are now accepting offers for the naming rights to the Civic Center. It's about time! This is an easy revenue stream that's been talked about for years now. The wheels are finally in motion for some sponsorship dollars. Who do you think will step to the plate? How much is it worth to the city, the Broncos, or a potential sponsor? I'd say it would at least demand a three-year naming rights contract in upwards of $50,000/over 3 seasons. Maybe I'm way off, but I think they could get at least that. Time will tell.

I cracked open both local papers today to see what they're talking about. It's funny, and I'm as guilty as the rest of them. Why do reporters choose to focus on what they're interested in? One paper is full of golf tidbits, the other has soccer, soccer, soccer. If you tune into the three local radio stations you're more than likely to hear something about the Broncos in the sportscasts, even though it's almost June. I guess we stick with what we're most comfortable with. (BTW, George, call me. We'll golf sometime next week together)

We used to have a reporter who was the artsy type at the station. You give him an afternoon newsrun and he would quickly spin it into the local Arts and Entertainment report in mere seconds.

As mentioned I'm as guilty as the next when it comes to local hockey coverage. But in my experience, it's hockey that makes the world go round in these parts. Always has, always will.

It was a nice day for track and field. I checked out about an hour's worth of action at the SWAC District meet at the Comp. Hopefully we'll have radio results once they are compiled.

Finally, I ran into Big Ern last night. Check that, he almost ran into me, literally! Hey Ern watch where you're going! We stopped and chatted for a bit. He always makes me laugh. He was telling me a couple of funny stories which happened to him this last week. Hilarious stuff. Thanks Ern.

Oh and Happy 21st birthday Kyle Moir.........
Have a good one,



Mole said...

Jon, I think you are way off on the kind of revenue the naming of the CC could bring in (on the low side). I happen to know that there was a company in a Western Canadian WHL market that was willing to fork over $300,000 for a 10 year term for a multi-plex arena used for rec hockey. I would think that the range for the CC naming rights should be in the range of $150,000 - $200,000 over a three year term. Think of the "free" advertising a company can gain across a wide variety of geographic markets. I think a company will step up and pay that kind of money.

Jon Keen said...

But remember this is Swift Current and not Saskatoon. We don't have the large western canadian firms knocking on the door. My guess is that it will be a local oil company or a Agri-business like an ag dealership that will step up.

If was the City I would approach Husky Oil in Calgary. They operate in these parts and definetly have the $$ to make things happen. But, would the CC sponsorship benefit them in any way shape or form?

Mike Fraser said...

Westman Communications Group Place is the new name of the Keystone Arena in Brandon as of May 1st. Price Tag? Approx. $800,000 over 10 years.

Rod Pedersen said...

Was Big Ern driving and texting again??

Jon Keen said...

Good question. Ern, care to comment?

Regan and the Rockets said...

I read on a certain blog that Daum would be considered the new coach in Edmonton. lol.
He has to be a frontrunner.
Daum wouldn't dazzle you with his personality but really knew the game. He'd be a great fit with the Oil Kings and would love the challenge. Plus he knows the city well because of his Golden Bears experience.

ernie said...

HAHAHAHAAA!!!! SO FUNNY!!! HAHA. No, it was a construction zone, and I was turning left out onto the street. Jon was on the street, wanting to turn in. But the lane was too tight. You know I'm gonna go first....I never back up. HAHAHA!!!

There you have it.

Roddy, you shut up. HAHA.

Jon, quit laughing.

I think _ _ _ _ _ did the bricks Jon.


Big Ern

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon!
I am looking forward to a golf game my friend.
I enjoy your blog because you speak both from the heart and the head. I always know where you stand.