Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tom Green in Swifty

So yeah, how 'bout that? The comedian/actor/rapper/tv host was in Swift Current yesterday among other places.
We has up to his usual antics...apparently he was busking on the street corner with a flute or something of that nature. He was recording a bit for his online site www.tomgreen.com . Word is he had lunch at BP's before moving on.
He visited Pontiex (or Pon-tee-ex as he calls it) and came up with some pretty funny stuff while talking to the locals. You can watch it on the website.
He also made a stop in Bengough and checked in on some local ladies playing cards at the drop-in center. Again, you can check it all out online.
I'm surprised he didn't find his way to the radio station... we could have had some fun.
More later,


ernie said...

Hey Jon! Careful!!!!

Tom Green's website contains a virus!!!! I had it blocked twice by my virus program, and now I'm not accessing that website again. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else either.

I'm lucky I didn't pick it up! LOL

Big Ern

Dono said...


Looks like Tom has his Swift Current footage on now. Funny stuff.

Wish I could have met him when he was in town.

And by the way, I'm certain there's no virus on his site.

CJ said...

Ive accsessed his website many times in the past and my computer has a virus scanner and its still running like a top... P.s He now has the swift Current Video on his site It's called a flute and a suit. pretty funny stuff http://www.tomgreen.com/ondemand/?section=6&video=483

ernie said...

It's like my computer service guy told me: "When you get a virus off a website, it doesn't mean other users will get one."

I guess Jon, I'm "Mister Virus." HAHAHAHA!


Big Ern

Anonymous said...


You probably have a really strict pop up blocker on your pc that's putting the stop to some of the stuff on his site that's all.

Anonymous said...

Ernie, how long did it take you to learn how to turn your computer on? Honestly!!! It is like you aren't good with technology for some reason.

ernie said...

I'm very good with technology, actually.

But I never had an ad-blocking program when I got this computer. I had one installed, and now basically everything is solved.

Big Ern

Anonymous said...

Tom Green's an ass. I can't believe anyone finds him funny. So he was here, big deal.