Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It Starts Here..."Travis Moen For Conn Smythe" ***Update Kevin Constantine To Coach in AHL***


Kevin Constantine is the new head coach of the Houston Aeros of the American Hockey League. He's resigned as coach of the Everett Silvertips after four years. Here's a link:


And so it begins....

Ok, this has now become the official blog site of "Travis Moen for Conn Smythe"

We started talking about this today in the newsroom, I think he has just as good as shot as anybody if the Ducks win the cup.

Last night's game-winner with 2:51 to play was maybe his 2nd biggest goal of the post-season. His overtime winner in game four vs Vancouver would still hold up as his biggest to this point. That goal gave Anaheim the 3-1 series advantage heading home for game five.

Right now, the front-runner for the playoff MVP award would have to be Ducks goaltender J.S. Giguere... after that, why not Travis Moen?

He's picked up 10 playoff points (5g,5a). scoring some big goals while playing the shutdown role with the other team's top lines. I think he has to at least garner some consideration. Now, if Ottawa wins, either Daniel Alfredsson or Ray Emery will be taking home the award.

My question is, why not Travis Moen? Jiggy already has a Conn Smythe after losing to Jersey in the Stanley Cup final a few years back.

What do you think, who's with me?

Congratulations to Kyle Moir who was awarded the CHL's Humanitarian Player of the Year award over the weekend in Vancouver. Judging by his "facebook profile pic" he ran into Mr. Hockey himself Gordie Howe in Van City.



Joel Siemens said...

Youre Damn right Travis Moen should win the Conn Smythe. He is having an amazing playoff run 10 pts for a grinder/tough guy is freakin wild man. As well Congrats to Kyle. Job well done buddy.

Mole said...

QUESTION: Why not Travis Moen?
ANSWER: Chris Pronger.

If a non-goaltender will win the Conn Smythe for Annaheim, the choice is obvious.

Come on Keener, I know it is good to support the local guys, and that Moen is having a tremendous playoffs, but, have you been sniffing glue?

Anonymous said...

Pronger was invisible last night Mole. And Moen wasn't getting suspended right before any PIVOTAL games either. Prongers been good. And I agree he'll get strong consideration but he'll need to have a great series to win. And Moen deserves consideration. Even though he likely won't win.

CJ said...

If The ducks happen to win the cup Giggy Will win another Conn Smythe enough said.