Monday, May 21, 2007

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Jeez, it doesn't take all that long to fall off the blogging bandwagon. Because I don't want to add Keen's Korner to the list of the millions of abandoned blogs out there, here goes.

- I won't bore you with the details of my long weekend. I did get out on the golf course a couple times and that was pretty much the highlight. Just east of Avonlea there is a beautiful of challenging course that I would recommend. Long Creek Golf and Country Club boasts maybe one of the tightest and most challenging back 9's in the province. The front nine is child's play, the back will make you sweat. Words of advice - leave your driver in your car. Then again, I should follow that advice everytime I play.

- The rest of the weekend was spent at my friend Kevin's place in Regina. Along with his wife Michelle, the two have five month old twin boys. What a huge responsibility that is! Uncle Jon was a bit overwhelmed at times.

- All is seemingly quiet on the Broncos front. Kyle Moir has officially hooked up with the Laredo Bucks of the Central Hockey League. It's a just a small taste of pro hockey for Moir who joins the Bucks in the midst of the league championship series against the Colorado Eagles. At last check the Eagles held a 3-2 series advantage with game six set for later this week.

The Edmonton Oil Kings expansion draft is set for the first week in June. That will be the next major team news. The Broncos will lose someone. The player headed to Edmonton will no doubt hurt the depth of this hockey team. It's my belief that the Broncos depth is their biggest asset. They should have four solid lines next season and six to seven quality "d". They won't have a line that will strike loads of fear into their opposition, but they should have four strong lines the coaching staff can turn to at anytime.

- The radio station / Kidsport charity slo-pitch game is tomorrow under the lights at Mitchell Field. I'm not sure who I'll play for just yet as I'm involved with both. Should be a fun night. I know a lot of folks at the station are eagerly anticipating the annual match-up. Should be a fun night, let's hope the rain stays away. 8:15pm first pitch. Don't worry Dr. Ibrahim, your backyard should be safe from any towering blasts over the right field fence.

- The Memorial Cup is playing out as predicted. Vancouver, with something to prove has played well in their first two games. The Giants go in with a chip on their shoulder after losing in the league final to Medicine Hat. The 'Hat looked less than stellar in their loss to Lewiston. We'll see if they make good tonight when they take on Plymouth. No doubt, this would be the icing on the cake for the Tigers.

Like Switzer, I am too sick of hearing how "the WHL Championship didn't matter because both Vancouver and Medicine Hat knew they were going to the Memorial Cup". Big Deal! Since when do you throw away a grinding 72 game season complete with two months of grueling playoffs just so you can play four almost exhibition-like games over 9 days? I've heard several sports commentators on Sportsnet and Shaw make those comments and they just baffle me. Every team should be proud of getting to the Memorial Cup. It is a major accomplishment. Call me crazy but I'd rather win a WHL title then a year-end tournament which includes a one-game winner take all format. If you fail to win the Memorial Cup and write the season off as a failure then you've got me.

- In closing, here's something I stumbled upon this weekend - it was out at Long Creek. I know one of the readers will appreciate it...


Colin said...

Yeah, that course over at Avonlea is pretty good. I feel ashamed that I've never played it, but two of my cousins were groundskeepers for it. I have also attended one wedding and two wedding dances at their clubhouse.

Switzer said...

The fact that you found a Sasktachewan "BG ERN" likely means there is another plate that actually has "BIG ERN". Plus our Big Ern in Swift. With at least three known 'Big Erns' in a population of just under one million that really gives us lots of 'Big Erns" per capita. It is safe to assume the 306 is doomed.


ernie said...

Thanks for the plug Jon! HAHA!

Switzer, you are an A**!! HAHAHA!!! And your signature is not valid. Where is the "$"?????!!?! LOL WHOOOOO!

Interesting note: The WHL has named the WHL CHAMPIONSHIP trophy "THE ED CHYNOWETH TROPHY." Ed is Deano's dad, and owns the Kootenay Ice. I like it. He apparently has served the WHL for decades. WHOOOPEEEE.

As for the license plate, I was going to personalize mine. They said "BIG ERN" is available. But it costs $70 to do this. Maybe later on.


Big Ern

P.S. Keener, I hope to check that baseball game out tomorrow night.


Rod Pedersen said...

Did you check out the Press Box Jon?

Jon Keen said...

No Press Box this time Roddy.

What's the deal again...mention your name for a nacho platter or something?

I see you're headed to the draft now, that's sweet. Now, if there was only something to do in Columbus?

Rod Pedersen said...

Believe it or not, I get in at 10:10am Saturday (from Montreal) and leave at 4:10pm with the Pats' crew.

I may switch it to leave Sunday morning and stay Saturday night with my Dad.

I still expect a good time regardless!