Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Season Starts Tonight!

Indians baseball is back tonight.

The Tribe host the Saskatoon Yellow Jackets to get the season going. Lots of new faces with this year's team and as always, it will take awhile to adjust and get to know everybody.

They'll send Missouri native Bryson Clark to the mound - he's been named the opening day starter.
For fans heading to the ballpark they'll notice new bleachers. The team hopes to add to the comfort of the fans this season.

I personally love this time of year, it's just a chance to sit back and be a fan for once. Chew some spits, sit in the bleachers and hang-out. By the way, the game is on the Eagle 94.1 FM. The pre-game show begins at 6:45, play-by-play with Ryan Switzer at 7:05pm.

You might want to dress warm. There's a chance of showers and the overnight low will be 11C. Chilly!


The Ducks did it again last night. They received even more mileage from that 3rd line assigned to check Ottawa's big three. Sammy Pahlsson scored the game's only goal with six minutes to play in the third period. Pahlsson centers the line of Travis Moen and Rob Neidermeyer.
Afterwards, Ducks Head Coach Randy Carlyle gave the trio some props.

"It's nice to see that these three players are getting rewarded for all their hard work. The one thing about those guys is they play the tough minutes and the spotlight has not been directed towards them and right now they're earning that"

Stewart Valley's Travis Moen had another strong game. He logged about 16 minutes of ice, was a +1 and had a key shot block in the dying seconds of the game to preserve the win.
What a great year for him to be in a free-agent season. Moen's annual salary of $475,00o should more than double with his next contract. I would think his play this season as a valuable shut-down guy who can fight and score the big goal when needed could command in upwards of $900,000 to $1.2 million per year. I talked to a local former NHL'er the other day. He said Moen should be offered at least that dollar figure in the off-season.

Word is most of Moen's hometown will be at the Stewart Valley School watching the rest of the series on a big screen television. I've heard they plan on raffling off the T.V. after the series as a local fundraising project. I plan to find out a little more on this project in the coming days.
See you at the ballpark tonight,


corey said...

Go Indians !!! Let e'm have it "Big Thunder!" haha

ernie said...

Hey Jon,

Good inside info on Travis Moen. He is so solid out there.

I had a great time at the ball game. You're right, it's awesome to sit back with some sunflower seeds and enjoy the game. It was nice to chat with you there, and a lot of other people I saw that I know. As you know, I had a chance to meet Kootenay Ice sniper and Hazlet native Andrew Bailey. Great player, that kid. I hope to chat more with him this summer. I think I'm going to the ball game again on Saturday.


(It's not as good as Broncos' hockey though. I'm a hockey guy. I so want to be involved in that game one day. I hope I'll succeed. Sometimes, it seems doubtful.)

Big Ern

mole said...


Anyone with as much passion as you have for hockey will find a way to get involved in it.

If a couple of yahoos like Keener and Switz and can find away to get involved in hockey, I am sure you could too.

ernie said...

HAHA. So funny Mole.

They are a couple of "YAHOOS." LOL

Right Jon?

Big Ern

Switzer said...

Hey Mole, you comin' to Swifty anytime soon? The girls at the Shack who dance on the speakers to crazy bitch sure hope so.