Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tassone Returns Tonight

He's back.

After missing the last nine months and the last 47 Bronco games dating back to last season, Matt Tassone will play tonight in Moose Jaw against the Warriors.

"I'm very thrilled, this is probably the longest I've ever been away from the game. Not playing a game since February, that's a long time," commented Tassone.

"It was kind of killing me watching those games but it's finally here. What I went through in the summer was to better myself. I'm happy with everything and very excited."

As for Matt changing his game?

"You will see the same Matt Tassone you saw last year and probably better. I've focused a lot on my skills and my touch around the net. I'm still to go out there hard and not shy away, obviously that's not my game."

The Bronco over-age veteran doesn't expect to be thinking about his surgically repaired shoulders in the heat of game action.

"No...no thought at all. I'm very confident, I feel better than I did last year. There isn't going to be any hesitation in my game whatsoever."

Broncos Head Coach/GM Mark Lamb will get Tassone going on a potent 2nd line centered by Justin Dowling. Brad Hoban will be on the other wing.

"I think he will come in and contribute right away. He's a different type of player, a gritty, hard-working type that we need. He's going to play the same way and that's what I said to him you can't really change the way you play just go out and be the player that you are."

Tassone scored 36 goals in just 52 games last season as he fought on-going shoulder problems. He was selected as last year's Bronco regular season team MVP.


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