Thursday, December 10, 2009

Broncos Go For a Skate

There was a lot of huffing and puffing yesterday at the i-plex as Bronco practice looked more like a track meet.

The message from Head Coach/GM Mark Lamb was clear - the team needs to work hard and compete in games, or be prepared to pay the price.

"Playing well and losing is over around here. It doesn't matter what league you're in, you have to play hard. It's all about playing hard and paying the price," commented Lamb after a grueling practice.

Veteran Forward Mike Brown says they were expecting something after Tuesday's loss to the Kelowna Rockets.

"The last couple games, we've been playing soft out there. We've been backing down, not winning battles, and not getting pucks out along the walls. Lambsy is talking about our soft bellys and he wants to work it out of us, and make sure we can work hard and compete enough to win."


The Broncos depart tomorrow for Spokane. They play the Chiefs Saturday night at the Spokane Arena.

Get this, the Broncos and Chiefs face-off at 7pm Saturday night. Earlier in the day at 2pm there's a College basketball game between Washington State and Air Force. So do the math - they have five hours to play a basketball game and change the arena over into a hockey rink. Can that be done? I'll try to get their early and take a few pics of the basketball to hockey transformation.

Broncos Trainer Jaime LeBlanc probably won't have to sharpen skates that day given the probable ice conditions.


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smackitsakic said...

That's about a 4 day changeover in Saskatoon (kidding) but I will be very impressed if they can make a changeover that fast, especially when you consider warmups starting 35 minutes before puckdrop.

Look forward to the pics and have a safe journey out there.

Jon Keen said...


Tyler said...

With the big trade between Lethbridge and Regina, really looks like Regina has jumped up a tier and Swift not so much. Regina has taken a huge gamble mind you as they gave up lots.