Friday, December 18, 2009

Portland 105 Phoenix 102

What a game!

Rounded up some tickets for tonight's NBA game.... Portland came back from 16 points down in the 2nd half to pull off the win. Steve Nash missed an off-balance three-ball for the tie at the buzzer.....

Nash runs the offense

Stoudamire at the of a team leading 27 on the night


Sold out...nearly 21,

I'll preview the Broncos/Winterhawks later today.....



Regan Bartel said...

That last pic looks like the I-Plex on a Friday night. LOL. Great pics bud. Good luck tonight.

Jon Keen said...

Haha, thanks. Enjoy your break.

Darwin Gooding said...

Can't stand it on TV... but if you've never been to a high level basketball game live it is something to see. For some reason, the speed, skill and excitement just doesn't seem to come through the TV anywhere close to the real thing. Great Live Sport.