Sunday, December 13, 2009

Next Stop, Kennewick, WA

Here's some gameday pictures from Spokane from Saturday......

The team departs for Kennewick, WA to play the Tri-City Americans tonight. We're on the air at 7pm SK time with the pre-game show.......

Washington State Cougars vs Air Force Falcons - NCAA Div I basketball

time-out on the floor, late 4th Quarter, Washington State up by seven

Head Coach of Air Force Jeff Reynolds does a post-game interview. Later he would see me drinking a diet Coke by the dressing room. He asked me "where'd you get that son? Do you mind grabbing me one?" Ahh, sure.... I'll take care of it coach. Later before our game he came back, thanked me and we talked some NCAA basketball. Very cool. (if you look in the background you will see Broncos Trainer Jaime Leblanc waiting patiently to get into the dressing room)

Game over at 2:55pm as they quickly clear the floor except for courtside media and arena staff





4:45pm. Ice level shot of the nearly ready rink. Less than two hours to do the changeover. Impressive.

Rooke defenseman Graeme Craig hydrates before the game. It's a good thing too, he played a lot of minutes back there as the Broncos were forced to go to five defenseman with Derek Claffey seeing limited ice time due to injury. At 16, Craig and Reece Scarlett are seeing action against some of the top players in the league.

Radio booth view during warm-up

I was late getting my camera out, but here the Broncos celebrate the win with G Mark Friesen thanks to his 42 save performance.


Tyler said...

I am going to the Red and white game today for team canada. I will take pictures, video and if of good quality I will forward on to you to place in your blog. I'll do my best to get some shots of Eakin.

Jon Keen said...

great, Thanks Tyler.