Monday, December 14, 2009

Eakin Update w/ Pics / Another Day on the Road....

Broncos F Taylor Vause checks out the Toyota Center in Tri-City pre-game

I've taken this shot a few times in Everett. The guys unload their gear and then pile onto the bench to check out the impressive Comcast Arena. Not much is really said as they gaze at their surroundings. Beautiful building. The Broncos are 2-0 career in Everett.

Broncos unpack at Comcast Arena after four hour bus ride from Kennewick, WA

The backside of Comcast Arena. Could be the best WHL facility

Silvertips pimped out Zamboni. Rear spoiler, 18 inch tires/rims, that's a 42' flatscreen on the front. The middle has seating for eight. Looks great.

G Mark Friesen prepares for a Monday morning practice

Team meal at Buca de Pepo in Lynnwood, WA. Great place, great meal. Here Taylor Vause and Brody Luhning tackle some cheesecake. I would recommend any WHL club doing the trip to get this restaurant into their plans.
Eakin Update

Broncos F Cody Eakin had an assist tonight in a Team White 6-4 win over Team Red in the 2nd intersquad game at Canada's World Junior Selection Camp.

He also helped kill a late 5-on-3 powerplay and played a more regular role on his team. Another positive day perhaps for the kid.

Apparently some cuts will be made Tuesday morning.

Thanks to James Gallo for covering the camp and sending me some Eakin pics from practice below:


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