Tuesday, December 02, 2008

More with Zack Smith / Broncos Set to Announce December Captain

The Swift Current Broncos will name their December captain later today.

ith Derek Claffey wearing the "C" for October and Keegan Dansereau this past month, signs are pointing towards a gritty forward who is having a good season. Look for Matt Tassone to get the letter for December as the team continues it's rotation.

The Dallas Stars draft pick from this summer has battled some injuries but makes a noticeable difference when in the line-up.

It's expected Broncos Head Coach / GM Dean Chynoweth will name a full time captain early in the 2nd half or perhaps after the mid-January trade deadline.


Had a chance to catch up with former Bronco Zack Smith just a couple days after he made his NHL debut for the Ottawa Senators.

Smith playing in the NHL is a win for underdogs everywhere. His willingness to work hard, get stronger and compete every night has lead him onto hockey's biggest stage.

The comp
lete interview with Smith can be heard in the pre-game show tomorrow night from Prince Albert but here's a sample:

On getting the news he was getting called up for the first time:

"It was
just after practice. I finished the skate about noon and my coach called me aside and said "You're going up to New York to play tomorrow night. You have to pack your stuff because there's a limo coming to pick you up in an hour." It was a lot to take in such a short time"

On his "welcome to the NHL moment":

" It didn't really sink in until I was taking warm-ups. I actually then realized I was playing in an NHL game right no
w. By the time the puck dropped at the beginning of the game I think it had sunk in."

On being the hockey underdog and taking some big strides the last four years:

"If I was 17 and thinking where I would be right now I don't think I would have this in mind. It seemed a long ways off but I worked hard over the years playing junior and did the dirty work sometimes. I think I was always a good team pl
ayer and found ways to contribute. It's good for other people to know for other players like myself if you're willing to do that kind of work, there's always a job for you at the next level."

On how he shared the news and the support the last few days:

"I calle
d my dad first, then my billets in Swift Current. I then called some buddies and sent a text message to Dean (Chynoweth) and Tim (Kehler), plus a few teammates. It spread pretty quick. I was getting a bunch of messages and have been getting them ever since. It's pretty unreal to realize you have that much support and there's a lot of people pulling for you"


Just a few
weekend randoms here:

- This is going to be a busy week for me personally. Trying to get six pre-game shows done for next week's BC road swing before we leave Monday will be a challenge as it is every year. So if you're a BC division General Manager and you have a message to call me, please do so. I appreciate it.

Not to mention the two WHL radio shows I need to put together for the next couple weeks when I'm away with the team. A lot of the other broadcasters around the league continue to be a big help. Thanks guys.

- Cam Moon in Red Deer is a beauty.

- The Broncos are back on Shaw TV tomorrow night in Prince Albert. I don't know what the Broncos record is on TV over the years but I would venture a guess around 3-15. Just awful.

Wray Morrison has the call for Shaw tomorrow night.

- Speaking
of Shaw, has anyone been watching "The Inside Edge" locally? It's our weekly show which airs on the local Shaw station. It's slickly produced by Christian down at the Shaw studios. He does a great job getting it together. I have the easy part.

Tuesday's Inside Edge is all about the ADT Canada/Russia Challenge. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Back to work.....


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