Saturday, December 13, 2008

More from the road....

Rockets warm up

The Rockets impressive entrance at Prospera Place

Teams line-up for the singing of our National Anthem

Assistant Coach Tm Kehler joins us for our post-game coaches show. Tim has happy with the effort and the win and shared a lot of praise.

How did the Broncos celebrate a hard fought 3-1 win in Kelowna? How about a giant snowball fight following the post-game meal at the Industry restaurant.

Most of the team got involved while I just kept thinking to myself "don't get hurt, don't get hurt". For some reason, coaches hate silly, non-game-related injuries. Go figure?

The crew made it out of the battle unscathed as they headed back to the hotel along the icy, snow covered streets of downtown Kelowna. It's a mess here right now, no denying that.

The Broncos put forth a strong effort in the contest and got back to the things that have made them successful. Hard work, strong, smart defensive play and good goaltending.

The club also played one of their best periods of the season. It was the 2nd frame where the Broncos took control scoring three times and playing most of the period in the Rockets end.

The D.D.T line combined for five points while both Matt Tassone and Keegan Dansereau were named the games 1st and 2nd stars. Travis Yonkmane completed the visitor star sweep by picking up 3rd star honours.

Kudos to the lack of homerism in Kelowna. It's rare you see the visitors sweep the stars. They could have easily thrown a bone to their fans by naming Kris Lazaruk or Brandon McMillan into the mix.

The Broncos have now won three straight against the Rockets dating back to 2005.

Kelowna is a great place to watch a game or work from the media area. Just one complaint:

I kept getting looks like I was from Mars from the people in the sound booth beside me.

In between playing "Cotton Eyed Joe" and pre-recorded organ music, one of the fellas apparently didn't like my call of the game too much and kept looking over and shaking his head. Laughing out loud when I made a comment like "the Broncos are all over the Rockets here in this 2nd period".

Sure I tend to see things from the Broncos perspective but I've always been one to call the game as it appears. Both ways.

My suggestion. When you're in the media area, at least act like you've been there before.


The Broncos head into Kamloops later today to play the owly Blazers tonight. The Blazers are coming off a 8-3 spanking in their last game in Kootenay and no doubt have had a fire lit under them the last few days from Head Coach Barry Smith.

It looks like Cody Eakin will be back in the line-up tonight after missing three weeks with an ankle injury. Great news for him and the Broncos.

The club will make it's way into Vancouver following the contest and spend a couple days there before playing the Giants Wednesday night.

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Rod Pedersen said...

No kidding Keener. Kelowna's got the worst broadcast area in hockey.

Anonymous said...

Hey, dont worry about anybody at Prospera Place who looks after the music. This is the guy who plays Kenny Rogers, the Seinfeld Theme and many other mellow, snoozefest songs throughout the game. I mean they play the same techno song after a goal that they played in Tacoma, its freakin' embarrassing.

Dont even get me going on the entrance music and the warm-up music.

Jon Keen said...

I was just surprised. Nice area, everything you need is there. Just could have done without the attitude.