Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dudas Update / Ius at Home

20 year-old defenseman Jesse Dudas is done with the Broncos and vice-versa. His return for the 2nd half coming off a knee injury was expected but Dudas has chosen not to re-join the team and is home awaiting a trade/release.

Broncos Head Coach / GM Dean Chynoweth commented tonight on the Dudas situation but wasn't saying much.

"He's chosen not to report... at this point he's sitting at home."

With Dudas being a hold-out, injury prone and a 20 year-old, the going rate for his services as they say would be "a bag of pucks". If the Broncos trade Dudas at all before the January 10th deadline don't expect too much value. If he isn't dealt, he becomes a free-agent and will be picked up off the wire by a WHL team. Last place teams have first crack at his services.

This is a disappointing turn of events with Dudas who has the ability to be a top notch defenseman in the WHL if he wants to.

Also, Broncos forward Matt Ius has remained home due to personal/family reasons. His return date to the team isn't known yet, if at all this season. Chynoweth addressed the Ius situation:

"Matt has left the team for some personal reasons and family matters. iIll stay in contact with him and see how it develops."


The Broncos will have a rotating Assistant Coach with Tim Kehler away at the World U-17's in Alberni Valley. The Broncos will rotate on the basis of availability between Kyle McIntyre, Kent Woods and Regan Darby.

McIntyre is a friend of Chynoweth's and has been a part of the Saskatoon Contacts program for many years. He's also coached in the city with some rep teams and is former member of the Swift Current Indians in the SJHL days.

Kent Woods was recently let go by the "AAA" Legionnaires in the annual coaching change around this time of year. Good to see the Broncos offer him a spot on the bench with the abscence of Kehler.

Regan Darby is the new Head Coach of the Legionnaires and is a WHL alumni with the Prince Albert Raiders and has played pro at both the AHL and ECHL levels.


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