Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Giants 8 Broncos 1

One of those nights...

And you can't afford to have them against a real good team or else this is the result.

I don't think it was an 8-1 game but then again the Giants deserved this one and the Broncos surely didn't.

I won't get into a recap because it would take too long. The G-men scored nine seconds a part 12:30 into the first period and the flood gates opened.

The Broncos were just too willing to react rather than initiate tonight and that was just the start of it. That, and the fact every time the Giants put the puck on net it found a way to get by either Travis Yonkman and Mark Guggenberger (Who came in after it was 5-0 in the 2nd)

Even Brent Regner fanned shot from the blueline somehow found it's way through bodies along the ice. I could have taken a commercial break during the wind-up and been back in time for the goal call.

Good teams get breaks, and the Giants worked for theirs. The Broncos didn't. Cody Eakin's shorthanded goal late in the 2nd period was the lone goal on 19 shots.

The Bronco defense has had better nights too.

The Broncos are now 3-2 on their swing and have a chance tomorrow night in Chilliwack to be 4-2 and head home fairly happy with the six game trip.

It won't be easy. The 'Wack is playing some of their best hockey of the year right now but not necessarily getting the results.

I'll have a few pics but right now is giving me some attitude so they will have to wait.

Have a good night,


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