Friday, December 26, 2008

Back in the Mix!

The Broncos are back on the ice tomorrow night so it's back to work after leaving the blog alone for over a week....

After over 2000km on the truck the last week with stops in Meadow Lake, Spruce Grove AB, and points in between, I'm back in Swift Current with thoughts of the 2nd half and the looming trade deadline set for January 10th.

I've been so out of the loop lately. No internet, barely one bar on the cellphone at times... I've completely missed all of the pre-tournament World Junior Games and the Dana Tyrell knee injury. It's good to be informed but it was also nice just to forget about everything for a few days and take a break.

One of the gifts Santa brought me this year was XM Satellite Radio. Although I swore I would never get it myself, I'm happy I received it as a gift. I always thought of it as a competitor but have recently realized we offer completely different products to the listener. We are local based radio. The NHL package is nice and it's good to hear other broadcasters from across the NHL and their show. I've also come to appreciate a little more of the product we have for Bronco broadcasts. Our little radio station puts together a pretty good show in comparison to the NHL big dogs. Our info is good, production elements stand up with any of the NHL broadcasts and we do a good job of delivering the product and giving it a local feel for our sponsors and clients.

XM kept me company yesterday on my 900km trek home. While there were no NHL games to be found, the likes of Lithium, Octane and 20 on 20 did the job.


The Broncos practice later tonight - a day ahead of a road game in Medicine Hat. I haven't been down to the rink or talked to anyone but it's expected Jesse Dudas will be back with the team and could play this weekend. The 20 year old has been out all season with a knee injury but was cleared to resume practice just as the team was departing for their B.C. swing.

The Broncos will then have two weeks to make a decision on their 20 year olds. The two week time frame also coincides with the trade deadline.

New Broncos Chairman of the Board of Directors Al Stewart will be our guest on tomorrow night's pre-game show. Stewart recently took over for departed Chairman Joe Arling.

Al is a personable guy and we will get his thoughts moving forward in the 2nd half from a business and a hockey side. For every die-hard Bronco fan out there, I would suggest they have a listen. I may also post some of the interview transcript here as well if I have time.

Tim Tisdale is expected to join me in Medicine Hat as we shake off the rust for the first game back. We are on the air tomorrow night at 8pm with the pre-game show, 8:30pm play-by-play.

Happy Holidays,



Swerd said...


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Anonymous said...

Hey Jon, i know you have to walk a fine line here. But with the knowledge that the Broncos will deal one of their tenders (or at least that is what the league thinks), what do you think about picking up Jake De Serres of Seattle. He is a NHL drafted goalie (Flyers pick last year), but has fallen into the doghouse a bit with his play. The younger Pickard has played about twice the games as Jacob is really struggling (GAA over 4). So he obviously has the potential but is struggling, if we deal one of our tenders we could get him cheap (after all he is playing pretty bad) to back up this year and maybe start next year as a 19 yr old

Jon Keen said...

It makes sense no doubt. Guggenberger looks to be the guy here next season. Not sure if De Serres / Gugs would like to split time or back up.

We will find out in less than two weeks!

O said...

We don't need a 19y/o goaltender if we trade Yonks. We need to bring up a young prospect to back up this year and next to gain experience. I'm sure we have 1 or 2 in the system from what I hear.

Anonymous said...

Hey O, i believe that De Serres is a 18 yr old this year. It would also be sweet if we could pick up someone like Acolatse as well. I liked him when he played here.