Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bus Blogging / Dean's Comments

note: Sorry for the delay in posting.... 9 hours on the bus today didn't give me a chance to find an internet connection.

A day trip today from Prince George to Kelowna is where this post is being compiled.

Last night was an adventure to say the least as the Broncos earned a 7-6 win over the hometown Prince George Cougars.

Keegan Dansereau’s shot towards the goal from the right wing was deflected by Justin Dowling for the winner with just 44 seconds to play.

For Dansereau it was his fifth point of the night while Dowling collected his 2nd goal in a four-point effort. Linemate Matt Tassone finished with a goal and an assist. You add it up and that’s 11 points for the Broncos first unit just a night after being benched in Edmonton for most of the 3rd period.

Broncos Head Coach/GM Dean Chynoweth had some eyebrow raising statements in our pre-game interview leading up to last night’s contest.

Here’s the shortened version:

On the way the team played in Edmonton to begin the six game swing:

“To be honest Jon I’m pissed right off with the way some of the older guys played and how we went about things and an opportunity to take a step as a group and to get our road trip started the right way.”

On the Broncos trio of Tassone/Dowling/Danserseau being sat down in the 3rd against the Oil Kings:

"They weren’t getting it done. Their effort wasn’t there, they were cheating all over the ice, not coming back and working in their own end. They weren’t alone."

On the decision to pull Mark Guggenberger after the 4th goal in favour of Yonkman:

"Well (Guggenberger) was awful and the next guy going in was just ok. We will go back with Yonkman in goal tonight (Wednesday) and wait for one of them to grab it here."

The team obviously responded to the challenge but still made some mistakes. One less than Prince George.

Every official has one of those nights. Perhaps it was Sean Raphael’s night.

You know those days where everything you do, every decision you make is the wrong one? That was the case. From making some really soft calls early in the contest, to over-ruling the goal judge to signal a Broncos goal on a breakaway from Jan Dalecky (upon review the puck hit the crossbar) to missing a call in the final minute which led to the Broncos odd-man rush and eventual game winner. It was a game to forget for Raphael. Both teams were unhappy with the officiating in the end of this one.

Derek Claffey sat the game out with a one game suspension for a hit on Michael Burns in Edmonton. Claffey is back in the line-up tomorrow night in Kelowna. Could we see Cody Eakin as well? It appears he’s nearly ready to step back in the line-up perhaps this weekend.

The team took the winding trail south to Kelowna stopping for lunch at Williams Lake – the hometown of former Bronco enforcers Bryn Brucks and Graham Telford. Like their stint with the Broncos, our visit was brief and we were back on the road. A couple movies… Pool Hall Junkies and Hancock to pass the time. A game of “Things” going on in the back of the bus and some of the rookies up front with their PSP’s and that’s about the norm for a non game-day trek of about seven hours.

The team will get into Kelowna around 6pm and go for a team supper before settling in for the night.

Another movie is about to go in… maybe I’ll watch this one. 88 Minutes? Have you seen it?

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