Sunday, February 04, 2007


Superbowl Sunday!

It's a day off for me . . .

Broncos lose 1-0 in a playoff type game last night in Regina. Welcome back Kyle Moir - 36 saves in the loss. Great game for him.

For all the players who asked "can I be on your blog?" last night . . . it'll have to wait. Enjoy the Superbowl, I say Bears 35 Colts 17. The Bears running game will be difference.

I promise more Bronco inside stuff and more controversey next week . . . everyone seems to love that.

Check back tomorrow, enjoy the game.


1 comment:

ernie said...

Jon, GOD KNOWS I don't care or know ONE darn thing about football in general, but I do know that you were dead wrong on your prediction....HAHAHAHAHA!! Your score was almost dead on, but the wrong team won! Get it straight buddy...are you a sports guy?? HAHAHAHAHA!! You're in "trouble in sports." LOL (JUST KIDDING, Jonny) CYA at the skills challenge tomorrow night.