Monday, February 05, 2007

Skills Competition Tonight, Random Thoughts

The man . . . Peyton Manning.
Big plays, fumbles, interceptions and a driving rain in Miami hi-lited Super Bowl XLI as the Indianapolis Colts defeated the Chicago Bears 29-17 to win the big game. Bears q.b. Rex Grossman will feel the heat for the next seven months. Ol' Rexxy laid an egg in the big game throwing a pair of interceptions and fumbling twice. He took a lot of criticism during the regular season and will no doubt take more after his showing in XLI.
Thanks to Ernie for pointing out my Super Bowl prediction was out to lunch. At least I took the Colts in the "Breakfast Boys" Eagle morning show bet with Chance.
I thought it was a good game, the commericals weren't as good as in previous years. The K-Fed commerical for a U.S. bank was probably the best. The Bud Light auctioneer/wedding was good too. What was your favorite commerical?
I Met up with a fellow blogger Saturday night in Regina. Rod Pedersen's popular "Pedersenmedia" site is a blog I check out daily. . The Broncos and Pats were entrenched in a playoff type battle where the Pats banged a goal home with 2:11 left for the 1-0 win. The Broncos next action is Friday night in Prince Albert against the Raiders. The next home game is Tuesday February 11th when Calgary comes in.
Here's a rundown of tonight's Skills Competition set for the Civic Center at 6:30. It's team Switzer vs team Keen in a battle of the radio personalities.
Fastest Skater (6 points)
Team Black (Switzer) VS Team White (Keen)
Nelson / Wiese
Leavold / Rakos
Postma / Claffey
Molle / Wudrick
Smith / Gervais
Legionairres guest / Raiders guest

Hardest Shot (5 points)

Team Black (Switzer) VS Team White (Keen)
Postma / Doyle
Larochelle / Schenderling
McAvoy / Wiese
Molle / Gervais
Tassone / Toulmin

Breakaway Challenge (1 point)

Team Black (Switzer) VS Team White (Keen)
Goalie: Yonkman Goalie: Moir
Nelson / Wudrick
Leavold / Rakos
Stieler / Toulmin
Larochelle / Rumsey
Wilson / Doyle

Accuracy Challenge (5 points)

Team Black (Switzer) VS Team White (Keen)
Smith / Schenderling
Stieler / Rakos
Tassone / Wiese
Wilson / Rumsey
McAvoy / Claffey
Should be fun . . . I'm looking forward to getting on the ice with the guys and wheeling around a little. Even though I spend a ton of time with the team over the winter, I rarely ever step on the ice with the crew. I let them do their thing, the coaches don't need the "radio guy" out there causing trouble. I was/is a goaltender and don't mind putting on the pads now and then to stop some pucks. It really gives you a taste of how good these guys are. Sure it's easy from the stands or the booth but down at ice level things happen a whole lot quicker.
I'm looking forward to taking a few breakaways on Yonks at some point . . . I think I can put one past him maybe. If I do, he'll be in trouble in sports for the next week. Yonks is the shootout king in practice, he's tough to beat. Maybe my "change of pace" will be too much for him to handle as I skate towards him in slow-motion . . . he's never seen this at the WHL level! Trainer Paul and I were at the outdoor rink yesterday practicing up for tonight, haha!
I'll post a skills challenge recap tomorrow. Hope to see you there tonight, cheer my team on!
Have a good week,


Joel said...

Should be alot of fun tonight. Ernie will probaly be on Ryan side as he has Nelson, so I will cheer you on Jon. See ya there.

Jon Keen said...

Thanks Joel, plus I have Moir as my goaltender . . . just for you.

Anonymous said...

hey keener next bronco action at home is actually sunday the 11th