Friday, February 02, 2007

New Month, New Attitude

BRANDON- As I post the Broncos are going through their pre-game skate at the Keystone Center determined to turn things around with the month of February arriving. January was not kind to this club who went 4-10 in that span falling from 2nd to 4th in the final week.

It's like a fresh start for this team. The dark cloud has been lifted and a new attitude has taken over this team, it's refreshing.

Tonight the Broncos take on the Wheaties in their 6th meeting of the season, the Broncos hold the season series edge 4-1 but lost the last meeting 5-1. The Wheat Kings are rolling and everyone is well aware of that. They've opened up a big lead a top the east and it doesn't look like anyone will catch them now.

It's cold here . . . it always cold here. The nice thing about this set-up at the Canad Inns is that you never have to venture outside in the dead of winter once you arrive. The hotel is attached to the rink and has everything you need. It's just a short elevator ride and a walk down the hallway to get to the rink. The hotel also features, two restaurants, two lounges, a tavern and a nightclub. As someone said last night it's like "Brandon's bio-dome."

Some new faces have accompanied the Broncos this trip. The team picked up 15 year-old prospect Brad Hoban from the Regina airport yesterday. He plays "AAA" hockey on Vancouver Island for the Juan de Fuca (careful how you say that!) Grizzlies. He's another piece of the future for this team and will make his WHL debut tonight. He was the Broncos 3rd round bantam pick from this past summer. That means the Broncos 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th round picks from this summer have already joined this team at some point this season. Also, the club has recalled 15 year-old Cody Eakin from the Winnipeg Wild "AAA" midget. Eakin will play his 2nd game with the Broncos after making his debut at the Civic Center last month.

On the injury front, Kyle Bortis has resumed skating with this team as he continues to recover from an ankle injury he picked up in the final game of the 1st half in Saskatoon. He is about a week away from seeing game action. Matt Tassone continues to recover from a leg injury after blocking a shot.

You should see this team right now, they look tough. Real tough. Both Myles Rumsey and RJ Larochelle are showing the effects of a nasty battle with the Red Deer Rebels Wednesday. RJ looks rough - you would too if you were kicked in the face, then sucker-punched on the ice. The league will hand out suspensions today. It looks like the Broncos will lose either Larochelle or Jeremy Schenderling for tonight's game due to their actions vs the Rebels. No word on suspensions from their side. I would still think P.P. Lamoureux will be sitting for the next couple games but who knows with this league.

Dono Fehr is handling the sports duties back at the radio station today. It's another busy weekend in the city with minor sports and tournaments. Thanks for the help Dono.

Not much else is going on right now. Blogpsot was having some issues yesterday and it was tough to log on for awhile. For a minute there I thought I was being censored!

I couldn't get my hands on any of the papers before we left the city so I'm reading the Winnipeg Free Press today. I'll reserve judgement till a later date . . . . . ;)

Broncos and Wheaties on the air tonight at 7pm with the pre-game show, play-by-play at 7:30.

I'll hopefully have a recap following the game or in the morning . . .

Have a fantastic weekend, stay warm



Michael Remmerde said...

Yes, careful with Juan de Fuca...reminds me of when I was in the fourth grade and the teacher called on me to read aloud the next paragraph out of our geography text books. The subject was west coast geography, with a mention of that little waterway seperating Vancouver Island and Washington state. Naturally, I pronounced like any other 10 year old would: "Jewin duh fukka".

That was the last time the teacher ever called on me to read anything aloud in class.

Jon Keen said...

That's good Mike... It's like foo-kuh right? I'm just a prairie boy, this stuff is all greek to me.