Friday, February 23, 2007

Live From Brandon . . .

It was a nice afternoon drive to the wheat city yesterday as the club pulled in just after 6pm. Dean took the guys to one of his family friends' restaurants for heaping plates of spaghetti and chicken alfredo. Hopefully the team had their fill, they will need the energy tonight against the red hot Wheaties.

Brandon is coming off a 2-0 shutout win over Kootenay Wednesday night. Tyler Plante who may be the biggest hot and cold 'tender in the league posted the blank in goal. Brandon is 6-2-0-1 in February while the Broncos are 2-5-0-1. It's the 7th meeting of the season between the clubs with the Broncos winning the first three, the Wheaties the last three.

The Brandon media is fueling a potential war tonight. James Shewaga of the Brandon Sun penned a preview in today's daily paper. "If they want to come in and play rough, we have no problem with that," said Wheat Kings captain Mark Derlago. "I think guys were standing up for themselves last game, which is good to see. And if they want to try and take penalties, hopefully our powerplay is going and will make them pay.."

The Broncos have recalled Cody Eakin to help fill out the roster. He will play his 3rd WHL game of his career.

Kyle Moir is six games away from breaking the WHL record for most games played as a goaltender career. He will get the start again tonight.

Hey, it's only -9 in Brandon today! That's the warmest it's ever been. Last night it was about -12 but the windchill made it feel like -38 so I guess Brandon continues to live up to it's billing as "coldest in the WHL"

Donovan Fehr filled in this morning for the sportsrun at the radio station. Thanks Dono! Legionnaires got pumped again 9-2 up in Prince Albert. We have their final game of the season on the radio Sunday afternoon. Outlaw Kenny Audette did last night's game in P.A. He won't be thrilled when he opens the paper to see a "letter to the editor" talking about how good his replacement was for public address duties at the Broncos game. Gordie Cameron filled in for Kenny while he was away at a family funeral. He did a good job, but so does Kenny. I think a letter to the paper is a bit extreme. The paper I'm sure more than gladly printed it . . . a little dig at the radio station if you will.

Speaking of the Legionnaires, General Manager Jim Dekowny had a mishap yesterday. He was gathering the trophies from the Civic Center for the team's awards banquet. He was carting them out when he hit a rut and dumped them all over the parking lot. A couple broke in half . . . it's been a long season hasn't it Jimmy.

Have you heard new newsie Jessica Williams? Wow, she sounds great. She's been a welcomed addition to the Eagle 94.1/Magic 97/CKSW 570 newsroom. She comes to us from Prince George. We both agree P.G. doesn't smell very nice. She sounds big city no doubt. Tune in if you get the chance.

I had a nice chat with the Prairie Post's George Bowditch before the last Broncos game. I like George. He's very refreshing in his approach. I always enjoy talking with him, he's a nice man. Look for his article coming soon as he chats with Broncos Chaiman of the Board Joe Arling. We'll have to play some golf together this summer . . .

Gotta go, Brandon has one of the best coffee shops around "Forbidden Flavors", I think Hunch is buying. Oh wait, he doesn't have any change on him. Don't worry I got it! Does this mean I have to go outside? Where's my toque?

We're on the air tonight at 7pm. Play-by-play at 7:30pm.



Regan and the Rockets said...

Keener I enjoy your blog so much, I can't go through a day without reading it.
Keep up the good work and I hope you enjoyed the bus ride to Brandon.
I hope you enjoy the smell of s**t at the Keystone Centre tonight. I find it does wonders for me if I have nasal congestion.
Tell Rakos to eleviate his play, because I think he's the best euro in the league (even though I've seen him twice).
My guess is that Bruce Lupke will be wearing his 'mickey mouse' tie tonight.
And don't let McCrimmon scare you. He's a mean man!!

ernie said...

HA HA ... good one Regan!

Big Ern

Jon Keen said...

Good job ernie. No more bumming rides

ernie said...

Awww come on Keener! Gimme one break here!! C'mon buddy! For the one ride you gave me to Tim's, I will buy you supper at BP's. HAHAHAHA!
Well, I thought the guys were snake-bitten, and really played hard tonight. I caught the game on high definition, as I drove into town to "Rockin' Rob Myers'" house. That guy is fantastic! Anyhow...great effort, and too bad of the outcome. We will do a lot better next time. The thing to remember: P.A. and M.J. lost too. LET'S GO SWIFTY!!!
I am sorry if this bothers anyone, but Jon can decide to post it, or he can delete it. It's my comment....his blog. So up to you, Keener. But here goes: Bruce Luebke of Brandon, is abseloutely THE MOST MONOTONOUS ANNOUNCER I HAVE HEARD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!! THAT GUY IS AWFUL!!! ABSELOUTELY AWFUL!! I should quit this's not professional.
G'night everyone! LET'S GO SWIFTY!!

Big Ern

Hey Jon....Dallas blew out "big dog" Anaheim 4-1 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas tonight. The Stars are rapidly heading for first place....(ONCE AGAIN!!!!) Jussi Jokinen had a goal and an assist. GO STARS GO!!!

Big E.

Regan and the Rockets said...

Where is the post from last night's game?? You still sleeping on the bus.
What tie was Luebke wearing??
Did McCrimmon make you cry??
How was Rakos?? Outstanding I bet. Love the kid!
Wake up Keener, wake up !!