Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Local Hockey Buzzing

It seems everyone and their dog had a hockey stick in their hand this weekend.

Every league in the southwest was busy including all three senior leagues. The Whitemud, Notekeu and Sask Valley Senior Hockey League all had playoff and provincial games.

For many towns, senior hockey is the lifeblood in the winter time. Nothing brings a town together like a Friday night game at the local rink complete with rink burgers and hot chocolate. I can still remember the buzzing sound coming from the hot chocolate maker as the folks gather in the intermissions. When we were young used to hang-out at ice level and pound on the boards with our big ski-doo mitts. With no glass in the way, you kept a close eye on those defenseman as they spun and fired the puck trying to clear the zone.

There is also something about spring-like weather that makes you think playoffs. The warm, melting, conditions always remind me of the post-season. I'm sure this is the case for several hockey enthusiasts.

The Tri City Americans make their only visit to the Civic Center tomorrow night. The "Brocket Rocket" Colton Yellowhorn has missed the last handful of games with a leg injury. It's unclear whether he'll play or not. One thing for sure, Yellowhorn loves the Civic Center ice and routinely had some large games as a member of the Lethbridge Hurricanes.

The Ams kick-off a six game east division swing. Usually the Broncos catch the U.S. teams at the end of the road trip. Not this time. The Ams should be fresh and ready to go. I'll post a game-preview tomorrow.

The Broncos will be without at least three regulars. Phil Gervais and Geordie Wudrick have joined Team Alberta and Team B.C. for the Canada Winter Games. The third regular out will be Broncos Athletic Therapist Paul Ayotte. He has joined the Canada Games training staff and will also work with Team Saskatchewan. The trio will be away until the first week in March. In Paul's absence, Duane Doan will help out from a medical standpoint and Murray Knaoske will handle equipment duties.

I hope everyone is calmed down since Saturday's loss to Saskatoon. I don't expect the Broncos coaching staff to be in that great of a mood for the next couple days. Maybe a win over Tri City tomorrow night will make that trip to Brandon a bit shorter.

Game preview coming shortly,



ernie said...

Yeah, doesn't that melting snow and the warm temperatures remind us all of playoffs? I start thinking "playoff barbecue" right away. The feeling is great, and definitely, I think all hockey enthusiasts know what I mean. Well put, Jon.
Anyhow, I think the boys can turn it around against Tri-City. With Yellow Horn possibly out, things look quite a bit better. Of course no one likes to see injuries, but he's dangerous, and if he were not to play, that would be HUGE! I still remember the last meeting between these two teams. It was a 1-0 Swift Current victory. I remember listening to Kyle Moir's heroics in the final minutes to preserve that victory. That game, he was AMAZING!! I'm sure we will see that Kyle Moir again shortly. Keep positive everybody!
It's a pity Joel will have to miss Wednesday's game. He's a great fan. He will be in Saskatoon, training for Xtreme Pita, his new restaurant, which should open in late February.
Anyway...LET'S GO SWIFTY!!!

Big Ern

Regan and the Rockets said...

Kenner, nice to see you posting today. Nothing yesterday...come on!!
I'll say hi to Josh Aspelind for ya tonight.
Could all most lead the Broncos in scoring.
That's how we feel about Clayton Bauer, who if you take his totals this year with the Ice, would be far and away the leader here.

Jon Keen said...

Don't get me started on Clayton Bauer, at least he wanted to play with you guys! As for Aspenlind, did you see the goal he scored Sunday vs Everett? From his side of the red line! Ouch. Leland Irving what up?

Regan and the Rockets said...

Reekie got the start last night in Prince George.
Commish Ron Robison was in PG last night and called the situation in that city the biggest concern for governors of the WHL.
At one time the Cougars were among the top 4 in attendance, now they are in the bottom 4.
As for Irving, not sure? Sometimes I wonder why teams sign these kids during the season. It has to have buggered him up now that he has signed a deal with the Flames. Why would they not wait till the summer to sign him? Then he would really have something to play for!