Friday, February 02, 2007

Schendo Gets One Game

The WHL has ruled that Jeremy Schenderling will sit out tonight's game in Brandon because of the equipment/helmet throwing incident in the penalty box.

The suspension on Pierre -Paul Lamoureux is "to be determined" by the league still.

See the last post for a preview of tonight's match-up in Brandon . . .

Looks like Schendo is riding shotgun in the broadcast booth tonight.



ernie said...

I guess it was Schendo that threw the helmet. He wasn't trying to hit Brunen, but I guess if you hit the official, YOU HIT THE OFFICIAL. I hope Lamoureux gets a handful of games, and so should Luke Egener, that class act friggin' superhero.
The Broncos are trying to get a message across, obviously. I've heard from a reliable source here in the city, that Weise and Toulmin will be healthy scratches tonight. So I guess we will be missing Schendo, Weise, Toulmin and Bortis. [Anyone know if Rakos is scratched?? He was scratched in the last third he goin' tonight, or not?] Quite a chunk of guys scratched or injured, but the Broncs can still win it. They've done it before. So I say, "It's a new month! LET'S GO SWIFTY!!!"

ernie said...

Sorry to everyone who believed me, when I said that Weise would be scratched. I never EVER use the term, "from a reliable source," when I'm not abseloutely sure about it. Believe it or not, I actually heard this from a member of the team this morning. But it must have been a game time decision to put Weise in the lineup. My thoughts on the Weise issue? No further comments. LOL Toulmin is scratched. Don't look now, but the Broncos sure look good with four to go in the third, up 2-0 already. Tyler Plante seems to be fighting the puck a bit tonight. LET'S GO SWIFTY!!! More from me later...(maybe)....on

kevin s said...

look out for the patty's comin' tommorrow night 2nd place sure fells good.

ernie said...

Second place as of now "Kevy," is a three-way tie. Who knows what will happen tonight.....we'll see. No predictions from me.