Monday, February 05, 2007

Good Job Fellas!

Big win for Team White tonight at the Skills Challenge! My boys fought back from an early hole to pick up the 12-9 decision.

Highlights included Dale Wiese's 99 mph clapper to win the Hardest Shot and Kyle Moir making all 10 saves in the breakaway competition to get Team White the win.

A full recap coming tomorrow morning but I can tell you Yonks shut the door on my two failed breakaway attempts. The "Forsberg" move was a no go, and the "Jussi Jokinen" also failed miserably. Oh,well some comic relief. Good job Yonks, now stop laughing.

The league has come down hard on Red Deer's Pierre-Paul Lamoureux - 5 game suspension for his kick to the face of R.J. Larochelle. I figured it would be 3-5 after the ugly incident.

More later,

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ernie said...

Jonny, I had to chuckle a bit when you tried the "patented Jokinen move." LOL No way man! C'mon! But kudos for trying. You did about as well out there as Dave Hunchak...HAHAHAHAHA!! Anyhow, congrats on the win, and I have recieved an invite to help Chance in the intra-squad game next season, with the coaching duties. This time Keener, YOU'RE GOING DOWN!!! HAHAHAHA! Get ready!

Big Ern