Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Steve Young Gassed!

Wow, this came as a surprise this afternoon. The Moose Jaw Warriors have fired Head Coach Steve Young and have named Rene Lemire as the Interim Head Coach.

Obviously there is something behind the scenes on this one. How can you fire a guy who took you to the WHL Final last year and then had his team dismantled (Troy Brouwer, Dustin Boyd, Blair Jones, Kendall Mcardle, to name a few) for this season, Brouwer, Boyd and Jones have all played in the NHL this season.

It's not just wins and losses here . . . there's something we don't know about on this one. I'm going to have Warriors General Manager Chad Lang on Friday's pre-game show if I can track him down. I'm sure I'll get the generic response which is usually the norm in this case.

I saw Steve Young on the CTV sports, he must have been a bit upset, but as always he was a class act. He was one of the nicest coaches to deal with in the WHL, but as they say sometimes "nice guys finish last". Full recap coming tomorrow morning once I get into the station and get the lowdown from Moose Jaw.


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ernie said...

Yup, there must be something fishy behind the wall here, because hey! I don't get it! Maybe he said something to Chad Lang that he shouldn't have. LOL That's life in sports, I guess. I think it won't take Steve very long to find another coaching job. There's proof that he's good at it, and he's a great person. I've met him. He's awesome.