Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Porter Talks Draft Day

Swift Current Broncos Director of Player Personnel Jamie Porter spoke with us this week on the Broncos plan for the WHL bantam draft. It begins tomorrow morning in Calgary.

The Broncos are said to have a lock on a player with the 12th overall pick. We'll see if it pans out tomorrow morning.

Here's some highlights of the transcript:

JK: What's the draft depth like Jamie? How's the crop of '93s?

JP: We felt this is one of the more solid years we've seen in a little while. It probably compares to that 89 group that everyone thought had so much depth to it.

JK: What's the plans for that 1st round pick? D-man? Forward?

JP: As you can see we've taken a forward the last few years so there's some talk we may look at a defenseman but normally we stick to the best prospect available.

JK: What's the gameplan? We saw for a time the Broncos were going after size, but has since made a move to more speed and quickness over the last couple drafts

Our philosophy has become about speed... if a guy can move, if a guy can skate. Size isn't as much of a factor any longer. We'll stay with that pattern.

JK: Where's the talent depth this year as far as location?

JP: Alberta is very deep this year. It's been a few years since they've had that depth. Saskatchewan has a lot of depth also. We've found that B.C. and Manitoba is not as deep as in other years.


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Anonymous said...

I was looking back to the 06 draft (17 yr olds next year), and we didn't do to bad i know its early but with Eakin, Martin, Hoban, Rogers, Vause, Greyeyes, we got some serviceable whl caliber kids there that have already spent some time with the team.