Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bulletin Board-able?

Finally a little heat in this Hitmen/Broncos series which has been a virtual love-in heading in....

"Coming from Swift, a team that didn't really want us,...It's always fun to play against the old team . . . to kind of prove a point and say, 'You might have made a mistake in this trade. "

- Paul Postma / Calgary Herald

That statement suprises me a little...

"At times, I've had my way with them."

- Ryan White talking about his career meetings against the Broncos / Calgary Sun

Classic Ryan White. A player who does a lot of talking on the ice. Mostly to referees. Watch that game within a game this weekend.


Let's talk about "the trade".

Personally speaking, I think it was a benefit for both teams. The Hitmen got more than the Broncos could/would have ever get out of Bortis and vice-versa for Keegan Dansereau.

The Broncos had an influx of 18 year-old defenseman and shipped Postma to Calgary to acquire Brett Plouffe who was one-touched to Tri-City for 20 year-old speedster Erik Felde. The move was used to add some punch and speed up-front. Misson accomplished.

Scott Fisher of the Calgary Sun called it a "lopsided trade" in a recent article. I think if he looked closer, he would see it's a deal that has worked out for both teams. Both Dansereau and Bortis have been key players for their respective teams so far in the playoffs.

I'll have a interview transcript with Dean Chynoweth later...



Corey said...

so Keener...after seeing Mitchell Blair's comments, which are true buy the way, when are you planning on taking your game to the big city's? Or are you going to remain in Speedy Creek for good. Inquiring minds want to know !!

Jon Keen said...

Thanks for the love Corey,

I'm having too much fun here right now. The radio station and the team treat me very well.

Like Ryan said, just because a place is bigger doesn't make it better.

But, I appreciate Mitchell's comments nonetheless.