Thursday, May 01, 2008

Broncos Take Scarlett

The Broncos selected defenseman Reece Scarlett with the 12th overall pick in today's WHL bantam draft.

From Sherwood Park, AB, here's what had to say about him.

"Reece Scarlett is the latest name Scouting News added to our list of sleeper prospects on the eve of the WHL draft. The Sherwood Park 5’10, 130 defensemen impressed some of our scouting sources over the last two months. Scarlett has been slowly moving up the scouting charts by one virtue alone: this guy gets the job he is supposed to do done! "

Safe to say the Broncos went off the board for this one. They must have a real good feel for his potential.
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Hodges said...

Jon --

Just having a little fun today, but I can just see this coming on the website.

Following the proceedings at the WHL Bantam Draft in Calgary, the Swift Current Broncos may have to raise ticket prices in advance of the 2009-10 season.
The Broncos used a 6th round pick to select Clavet, SK forward Nicco Digiovannantonio, prompting Broncos General Manager Dean Chynoweth to figure out how much a 16-letter namebar on each of the Broncos' three jerseys will cost the club.
To be honest, it was something we, as an organization overlooked," said Chynoweth. "We make an investment in every one of the kids we draft, but I don't think we really thought this one out. We're hopeful our fans will understand and accept what we have to do in order to make room for Nicco in our lineup down the road."
The Broncos decision to select Digiovannantonio was magnified by Seattle's selection of forward Tyler Alos just two spots later. Chynoweth conceded drafting Alos would have made better sense financially.
"We're talking about 36 letters spread out the three jerseys. At $2.50 a letter, plus the costs of stitching them on, we probably could have seen a real difference in the year-end numbers."
The Broncos are hoping to learn from the mistakes of other WHL franchises who have travelled this path. The Prince Albert Raiders fell on hard times ecomonically in the early 90's by inserting forward Nick Polychronopolous in their lineup for a couple of seasons.
"We've talked to (Raider Marketing Executive) Kyle Bruce about their situation with Nick," said Bronco Assistant GM Eldon Moberg. "In hindsight, they regret drafting him, but made a number of logistics errors in the way they handled the issue."
Moberg suggested one of the possible solutions may come from the world of soccer.
"We'll look at the possibility of referring to him simply as 'Nicco' or 'Digio'," he explained. "Sort of like 'Pele' . The entertainment world also sets a pretty good precedent for this sort of thing with people like 'Madonna', 'Bono' or 'Cher'."
Digiovannantonio was unable to comment on the matter, largely because no one in the newsroom was able to spell his name correctly in their Google search.

Jon Keen said...


Can you believe that name Hodgie. They're trying to kill me.

Great post. I trust Scotland was fantastic. Post more pics!