Friday, April 18, 2008


Not a lot of blog updates recently for a couple reasons. A) There hasn't been much to talk about, B) I've been taking a bit of a mental break since a the whirlwind that was the playoffs.

Here's some random thoughts...

- Speaking of the playoffs, the Broncos won six games. It takes 16 to win a WHL championship. I don't know if I could have lasted that long and I'm just the broadcaster. So many highs and lows and quick turnarounds. More notable events happened in the 12 game run than all 72 games during the regular season. Sure playoffs are fun, but they're a lot of work for all involved. With that said, I still wish we were still going...

- The silver lining to being out of the playoffs for me? I have two solid weeks to get moved into my new house and take care of all the legalities from now till then. Housewarming party coming...

- The Fan 960's Pat Steinberg called me yesterday. He asked what I was doing. As the cliche would suggest, I was actually golfing. A few of us went to the Landing Golf Resort and blasted the rust of the clubs. What a gorgeous day. Sunny, about 18C with a little breeze. Perfect.

- I have to say I've tuned out the WHL playoffs now. A great match-up in the Eastern Conference no doubt, but really it doesn't even come close to being a participant. I've mentally checked out for the year. I still check scores and keep-up-to-date but that's about it.

- Calgary's shotclock guy has been a saint since game three of our series. Calgary had 19 credited shots on goal last night at the Saddledome. That NEVER happens to them. In the past, 19 would quickly become 26.

- What a wrong time to abandon the Dallas Stars. For year's in the playoff draft you would see names like Modano, Zubov, Lehtinen, et all, decorating my team list. Not this year. I said to heck with them after years of playoff futility and under-achieving come the post-season. Guess what team I loaded up on for our station draft? You guessed it, Anaheim.

- Best series in round one? Washington / Philly has been some kind of hockey. Gord Miller / Pierre McGuire of TSN are calling some great games too. Say what you want about McGuire and his style but no one brings more insight to the game than him right now. He's plugged into the game within a game at ice level. He's bringing it.

- On that topic... the CBC's Bob Cole is back. He seems sharp and full of life in the booth and is calling games like he did 10 years ago. He's a legend.

- If I could make the perfect hockey broadcaster here's what I'd do. Chris Cuthbert's enthusiasm crossed with Jim Hughson's knowledge of the game mixed with Bob Cole's sense of game anticipation that something big is about to happen. Throw in a little Paul Romanuk somewhere too. I like his style.

- Levi Nelson is in Providence. The AHL affiliate of the Boston Bruins may use him in their next game. A pro-contract is close. I talked to his dad in Calgary today. I'll have the latest when it's a done deal.

Snow this weekend.... clubs back in the basement again, for now.


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