Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yonkman Named Broncos Playoff MVP

Broncos goaltender Travis Yonkman was named the team's playoff MVP today. No surprise at all in this one.

I spoke with Travis earlier today:

JK: Is there a highlight for you looking back over the 12 game playoff run?

TY: Probably the highlight is that (Jordan) Eberle save against the Pats in overtime. I think it was a series changer. Instead of going down 3-1, we tied it up 2-2. I think it gave our team a big boost to win that series.

JK: Is the Playoff MVP award bittersweet?

TY: It's the nicest award to get but we didn't get as far as we liked. I think I played my best hockey through the playoff season and it paid off.

JK: The way you finished the year, what kind of mindset do you have right now? Do you want the break or do you want the new season to begin tomorrow?

TY: I can't wait already for next year. I had a great year in Swift Current. Playoffs are a grind and there are bumps and bruises that need to heal... but I can guarantee in about a week I'll be ready to go and get back in the swing of things.


The Swift Current Broncos goaltender Travis Yonkman has been named the team’s 2007/08 Meyers Norris Penny Playoff Most Valuable Player. The nineteen-year-old Yonkman started all 12 playoff games posting a record of 6-4-2-0, with a save percentage of .901 and a goals against average of 3.11. Yonkman was named a game star 4 games out of 12 during the post season and currently leads all WHL goaltenders in shots faced with 414, minutes played with 790 and games played with 12.

Yonkman not only had a strong post season stretch with the Broncos, but backboned the Club through the regular season as well. Travis played 57 games through the regular season where he put up a record of 31-19-0-6 to go along with a .909 save percentage, a goals against average of 2.67 and 3 shutouts.



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