Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Vote for Rory!

I heard about this and thought . . .wow, that's awesome!

The NHL is now taking votes from fans to select the NHL All-Star game's starting line-up. There's a group out there that is pulling out all the stops to "show-up" the voting process by trying to get Vancouver Canucks 7th defenseman Rory Fitzpatrick into the NHL showcase set for Dallas.

A "vote for Rory" campaign is taking over and you yourself can check it out at www.voteforrory.com Check it out, it's pretty neat. He's kind off taken aback by all the attention - especially for a 10 year pro who has spent all his time in the minor leagues. He's pretty humble about it all considering all the attention it's getting. All the Canuck teammates were wearing "Vote for Rory" t-shirts after practice a few days ago as everyone is getting a good laugh at it.

The whole schtick behind this is to show the NHL that the fan voting process usually doesn't select the most deserving players. Al ot of big market NHL'ers in New York and bigger markets usually get the nod. A player who had a big season last year who could be struggling this season is sometimes a lock to make the All-star team. Wouldn't it be great to get this plugger d-man to the big show?

It's easy too. Go to www.nhl.com and from the left hand side select "All-star Ballot". You can find Fitzpatrick's name on the Western Conference write-in box. Just scroll down the list to select his name. I voted a few times today. As of November 27th, Fitzpatrick was about 10th and climbing in the voting for one of the two starting defensemen as he snuck by Detroit's Matheiu Schneider. Scott Neidermeyer leads the voting with over 200,000 votes but Rory is closing the gap!

Broncos in Prince Albert tomorrow night, I'll have a game recap and post some other thoughts that are puzzling me lately.

Vote Rory!


ernie said...

Jon, did you hear or see the group of fans that were yelling, "Peeeeeee-dersen, Peeeeee-dersen YOU SUCK," at Regina Pats' play-by-play host Rod Pedersen on Sunday night?? It's posted on his blog, but I sure didn't notice them, or I would have joined! (KIDDING) Roddy is a pretty good guy, I guess. He makes it interesting.

Joel said...

I to have now voted for Rory. Its kind of neat and funny all in one. Thanks Jon.

Willis said...

What happens when Rory Fitzpatrick gets into the all star game and gets treated like a pylon by the legit NHL All-Stars? This is a cute idea now but it could be really embarassing for the guy.