Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Me & Moler

I always laugh when I see that picture!

This is Chris, aka Moler. He's my colorman whenever I go to Saskatoon for Broncos/Blades games. In this pic he's doing his best "Bubbles" impersonation from the show "Trailer Park Boys".

Chris and I grew up together in Lanigan and were always into sports, all sports, all day, everyday.

I always ask him to do color-commentary when in 'toon town and he always obliges. It's a chance for us to catch-up and re-live the 'ol days. There is always several inside jokes that go unnoticed to the average listener, so if you can just try and follow along. This Saturday night, check us out. Pre-game show at 6:30, play-by-play at 7:05.

I'll have a Broncos update a little later in the day as they get set for the Hurricanes tomorrow night. Oh, and I think the NHL All-star ballots get updated later today. We'll see if Rory Fitzpatrick is in the top three now. Can't wait.


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