Monday, December 04, 2006

Broncos Down Pats 3-2

Alright, just so we're clear . . . no goal!.

Regina had thought they tied the game in the final second of the third period when a puck banked off players in behind Travis Yonkman but . . . too late.

In my last post I was talking about Regina media "making a meal out of this", sure enough.

Here's Regina Pats play-by-play host Rod Pedersen's blog title - "ROBBED".

Here's what he said about the play in the dying seconds:

"I've already checked Keen's Korner, the blog of the Broncos' broadcaster, and he swears the puck went in 1 or 2 seconds after the horn. C'mon Jon! Are you trying to wrestle the WHL's biggest homer trophy from me?"

Good one Roddy! Don't fret. This years award goes to James Gallo of the Moose Jaw Warriors. His #1 foam finger is purely planted up the Warriors rear side. We can battle for the silver if you'd like.

Listening back to the end of the game . . . I sounded a little silly as I repeated "no goal, that was not a goal!" about 20 times in two minutes. Maybe I was trying to convince the officials from my perch to make the right call.

It's too bad in came down to that play in the dying seconds. Goals by Zack Smith, Daniel Rakos, and Mike Wilson put the Broncos out to a comfortable 3-0 lead in the third. Regina's late two goals, one on the powerplay and the other with the extra attacker ruined the shutout bid of Travis Yonkman. His save on the 2nd period shorthanded 2-on-1 was spectacular! Wow. That's maybe the best save of his Bronco career. Great job Yonks!

Regina looked uninspired and they are a better team that what they've shown. They were without defenseman/captain Kyle Deck (knee) and the departure of Justin Bernhardt (personal reasons) hurts them offensively.

Nick Ross tossed the check of the night. His thump on Danny Rakos as he attempted to go wide on Ross was a biggie. Rakos returned a couple shifts later but then left the game and did not return. I did see him on the ice for the post-game promotion though. He looked fine.

Two impressive stats to pass your way. The Broncos are now 12-1 when they score first. They are also a perfect 10-0 when they lead after the 2nd period. What a difference a year makes. Credit must go to the coaching staff in that regard.

The win puts the Broncos back to an even 15-15-1 as they get set to take on Prince Albert. The Raiders have points in five straight games and are playing their best hockey of the season. It will be a test especially up at the Art Hauser Center.

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Joel said...

Hey Jon, I don't know how Rod Pederson can justify his statments. Talk about biased journalism. The green light was on and the horn blew well before the puck was in. I dont understand how he could be saying that. Just trying to bring up contreversy i guess. Seems dumb to me.

ernie said...

Keen observation there Jon. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would doubt you and Rod both, because it happened too fast. But clearly, the green light was just coming on when the puck reached the front of the net. Was Devin Klein signalling a goal? I think the reason he did it was, he was facing away from the green light. Curtis Hunt didn't even put up much of a fight. He knew the real deal.

pat from regina said...

Talked to people from Regina and Swift who were at the game and was told "it depends who you were rooting for on how you saw the (no) goal". I've been watching and playing hockey my whole life and you cannot keep one eye on the puck and another on the geen light at the same time. There is a split second of a differnce. That said when a ref makes a call such as this HE should make the call not a linesman on the blue line and another even further away.
But enough about that. Just wondering when ernie is hold ing the Jon Keen fan club meeting. I'm sure it will be a huge success! Keep up the good work BRA!

Anonymous said...


ernie said...

Pat from Regina, are you telling Jon to keep up the good work, or me? If it's for me, thanks. I actually thought nobody really read my posts on this blog. I guess I'm about theomly person who posts consistently, so people after all might be reading my stuff....

ernie said...

Sorry! "Theomly" in the previous blog, is supposed to be "the only."