Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rakos Makes Czech U-20 Junior Team

First of all, my Czech isn't that good . . . but it looks like Danny Rakos made the Czech junior team and even assisted on the team's first goal against the U.S.A. in exhibition action.

Can you make sense of this game summary of the Czech hockey website?? It appeats the U.S.A. won 6-3 and Danny assisted on the first goal by Cerny?.

Výsledek přípravného utkání české dvacítky před mistrovstvím světa:
ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA "20" - USA "20" 3:6 (1:2, 1:4, 1:0).
Branky a nahrávky: 9. Černý (Rákos, Květoň), 22. Sobotka (Káňa, Vojta), 51. Frolík (Voráček, Bartoň) - 17. Gerbe (Kane), 20. Carman (Chorney), 28. van Riemsdyk (E. Johnson, Kane), 28. J. Johnson (Mueller, Okposo), 39. Gerbe (Kane, Mueller), 40. Lewis (Okposo, Stoa).Rozhodčí: Sjöberg - Dahmen, Winge (všichni Švédsko).Vyloučení: 5:9.Využití: 1:2.Diváků: 375.Hráno: 20. prosince v Norrtälje (přátelský zápas).Sestavy:Česká republika: Pavelec (30. Kovář) - Poživil, Kindl, Vojta, Suchý, Kolarz, Lesák, Trončinský, Bartoň - Řepík, Kuchejda, Hanzal - Svoboda, Sobotka, Káňa - Pospíšil, Frolík, Voráček - Černý, Rákos, Květoň. Trenéři: Bednář a Trličík.USA: Zatkoff - E. Johnson, Chorney, Lawson, J. Johnson, Zimmerman, Lee, McBain - Kane, Mueller, Gerbe - Okposo, Lewis, Stoa - van Riemsdyk, Abdelkader, Skille - Sweatt, Carman, geoffrion - Fraser. Trenér: Roulston.

The Americans again on paper appear to be the tournament favorties. Peter Mueller, Kyle Okposo, Eric Johnson, Jack Johnson, Jack Skille. Another great sqaud. We'll see if they fold up again like they did in Vancouver.

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Colin said...

The Swedish Hockey federation has the game stats on their website, in English, and there is a Daniel Rakos.

Anonymous said...

Even easier USA hockey has a write up about the game. Front page of or this link

Anonymous said...

Your blog sucks. Thats eagle sports. Idiot. I hate your stupid blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon i think we know who the asshole is. Keep up the great work. Well if he hates it i hope he stays off it then. Merry Christmas & go broncos go.

Anonymous said...

You don't know me asshole. Nice blog. You suck.

Joel said...

Hey Jon, makes no sense to me that people need to come on here and rip you like some. They obviously dont know the personal time you take to do what you do every season. Just got back from BC and kinda missed the blog. Merry X-MAS and Happy New Year Jon

ernie said...

I see the "asshole" phrases have started to fly around, so I'd rather not get involved. LOL Nice to see what Danny Rakos is accomplishing over there in the far-away land. Hey everyone, Jon is on holidays, so let him rest for a while. I think he knows what he's doing......for the most part. Hahahahahahahaha LOLOLOLOL!