Saturday, December 30, 2006

Remembering Our Broncos

No words today. Part two of our Broncos bus crash 20th anniversary airs tonight at 7pm on the Eagle 94.1 FM.

Let's all take a moment today to remember.

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Big Ern said...

Our Broncos certainly remembered! NOTHING feels better, NOTHING is better, than to thrash the Tigers like that, Jon! BRONCOS...TIGERS...SATURDAY NIGHT...CIVIC CENTRE....GOTTA LOVE IT JON!!!!
Especially on a tragic anniversary like those who lost their lives that day, I say: REST IN PEACE. The Broncos paid a great tribute to those young men tonight. Also, a great crowd on hand for the huge win. Good goin' guys, you all continue to improve. G'night everyone!
Also, a shout out to former captain Luke Hunter, in attendance tonight. Surprisingly, I met him today for the first time ever! Thanks for stopping by Hunts! A special shout to the Postma family, who have also enjoyed the last two games. Thanks John....and everyone else. You were all awesome, and so was "Posty." He'll have an awesome second half, I'm very confident. G'night all!