Sunday, December 24, 2006

All is Quiet

Humboldt - There's only so many card games one can play with the family . . . so I'd thought I'd post something quick.

I've been totally disconnected from the outside sports world. If it wasn't for Ernie's "Dallas Stars" updates I'd have no idea what was going on! Thanks Big Ern.

Here we are, two days before the WJHC and Canada was 1-1 in exhibition action. I'm going to stick to my pre-tournament prediction of a 3rd or 4th place finish. They did little to impress me in exhibition play.

I still haven't seen the "sucker-punch" incident in the NHL that netted a 9-game suspension. That type of play is one of the dirtiest plays one can do. Anaheim Ducks Travis Moen was suckered when he played with the Kelowna Rockets by Derek Parker . . . it pretty much ended his season for all intensive purposes. Think of the Bertuzzi/Steve Moore incident. That has ended Moore's career.

Good luck to the "AAA" Wildcats girls midget team who depart for the Mac's Midget Tournament in Calgary. Also, we'll be watching that midget team out of Hershey, PA that has dedicated their play to the four Broncos who lost their lives 20 years ago in the bus crash.

Merry Christmas,


Anonymous said...

Jonny... We're looking for Knuckles... you got him? LOL!

He won't help you win at poker!

ernie said...

Thanks Jon, I'm surprised you're ever plugged out of the sports world! Heck, and here I thought I had to work hard to catch up to you! But I guess at some times during the year I DO know the news in sports better than at Christmas...?? That's OK, you need a break man, and I hope you're enjoying the time up there in Lanigan. But I also hope you're ready to rock and roll next Friday against the Raiders, because I swear I can smell it already...the Broncos will blow that one wide open!! Here goes Jon: SCOOOOOOOOOOooooooaaaaares!! LEVI NELSON TOP SHELF!!...BRONCOS LEAD 1-0!