Sunday, January 30, 2011

Something to Sink Your Teeth Into

More on that headline later....

The Blazers are back home after going one for three on their BC division swing. A 5-1 win in Chilliwack provided the team an enjoyable trip home after two divisional losses in Prince George and Vancouver.

The Blazers finish the month 5-9-1 after playing 15 games in 29 nights. The Blazers host the Everett Silvertips Wednesday at ISC.


Back to the game in Chilliwack. Blazers Head Coach Guy Charron was very candid during "After the Buzzer" in our Radio NL's post-game show.

After another game with Chilliwack deteriorated late with some fights and scrums, the Blazers went to the referees about an alleged biting incident involving a Chilliwack player and Blazer D Brady Gaudet late in the third period.

Charron had a less than glowing review for coaching counterpart Marc Habscheid behind the Chilliwack bench as well. You can hear the comments below. Charron eludes to the incident about midway through the post-game interview.

I'm not sure what quite to make of this of all. I do think this sets up a pretty interesting home series between the teams next weekend doesn't it?

During the scrum, referee Andy Thiessen man-handled Bruins F Blair Wentworth. He wasn't about to let Wentworth engage Blazer F Colin Smith. It was the probably the most memorable moment of the night.


No word on who if anyone will be available for Wednesday's game against the Silvertips. Forwards Dalibor Bortnak, Chase Schaber and Jordan DePape remain out.


What a fun couple of nights for intermission guests. In Vancouver, one of the WHL's founding fathers saddled up for "Hockey Talk" as Ernie "Punch" Mclean joined the broadcast. Perhaps the most intriguing of his stories was his recollection of the events that led to his disappearance in the Northern BC bush for five days back in August of '09.

Tonight, former NHL goaltender Billy Ranford stopped in. The 13 year NHL'er is working with the Blazers on a part-time basis as a goaltending consultant and continues in his fifth year with the LA Kings in that current role.

So what's the connection between these two? Punch coached Ranford in New Westminster back in the early 80's.


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Kris said...

Cratsenberg 79 pims,Forsyth 29 pims Wentworth 46 pims if that's what charon considers the bruins goon squad he might be exaggerating just a tad trying to prove his accusations of sending out players considering one of his players received the only instigator penalty in the fracas. Should make for some interesting games next weekend can't wait for the rematches.