Saturday, January 08, 2011


Have you seen the standings in the BC Division today? One point separates Prince George and Vancouver with Kelowna and the Kamloops Blazers.... and the teams all play each other again tonight.

At the beginning of the season, we all talked about how tight the division would be, but I don't anyone expected it to be this tight as we approach Monday's trade deadline.

The Blazers head down to Kelowna for another meeting with the Rockets - the 6th of the season. Meanwhile, Prince George plays Vancouver for a 2nd straight night.


As for tonight's game, the Rockets are expected ton insert D Tyson Barrie back in the line-up tonight. He'll play against the Blazers in his first game back from the World Juniors. F Mitchell Callahan has now played two games with the Rockets after playing with the U.S. at the event. The Rockets suffered their 4th straight loss dropping a 3-1 decision in Seattle last night.

The Blazers will likely be without their captain Chase Schaber for a 2nd straight night. I think the Blazers would like to get him back for Wednesday's home game against the Medicine Hat Tigers. It's a charlie horse injury.

F Bernhard Keil was hit hard in back-to-back shifts last night vs the Chilliwack Bruins and didn't finish the game. I'm not sure of his status for tonight's game.

Dalibor Bortnak fit in well on the Blazers top line in the place of Chase Schaber. Bortnak, Brendan Ranford and Jordan DePape combined on one of the nicest goals of the year for the Blazers as they scored off the rush in the 1st period to put the Blazers up 3-1 in the 1st period. Plays of the Week? I'm thinking so....


Trade deadline talk is heating up. Who's buying? Who's selling? There seems to be some teams in the Western Conference willing to give up some assets. The talk around the Blazers is very status quo. It's quiet. I think if there is a chance add some depth, or a piece to the puzzle, GM Craig Bonner will, but they won't be giving up a lot in order to acquire such an asset. I'm thinking it will be a quieter deadline this year in Kamloops than in years past.


Speaking of trade deadline, we have our Blazer Hockey Talk show from the Ramada Rooftop Lounge set for Monday evening beginning at 5:30. We've just confirmed that majority owner Tom Gaglardi will join us on the phone just after 6pm. He will comment on the ongoing ban of access to Blazer players and coaches imposed on Kamloops Daily News Sports Editor Gregg Drinnan. The Blazers are 5-2 since imposing the ban, it would equal their best seven game stretch of the season. Is it related? Not likely, but it's an interesting footnote.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, tonight's broadcast from Kelowna begins at 6:30pm with the pre-game show on Radio NL.



Anonymous said...

This Drinnan thing is fascinating Keener.

Its interesting how media outlets from around Canada ae backing Drinnan and calling the Blazers "bush league". Has anyone stopped to ponder this?

The Blazers have said little, and the KDN have had statements from their editor, their owner and her husband.

I've always found that the side that is the most vocal and doing the most protesting is usually in the wrong. The side on the right seems content to let the facts speak for themselves and wait for their day in court (so to speak). The KDN is chirping like crazy, the WHL and the Blazers are waiting til Tuesday despite the backlash. That says a lot.

Jon Keen said...

I'm thinking the Blazers have kept their biggest issues with GD out of the public eye. Sure, some have surfaced and that's not to downplay the one's that are out there.

The backlash has been pretty big, agreed. But if the media, or the print business in general can't rally around this together than who else do they got?

Both sides have taken a firm stance. You have to at least applaud their principles.

Anonymous said...

the thing i dont understand is how the same generic quotes that athletes give can possibly make a story, Gregg has access to everything he needs to do his job, quotes are available from other sources and he is allowed to watch the game and report what he sees that is what a reporter does. Also the kdn is hiding behind freedom of the press, does this override the right of all others, the last time i checked i am allowed to talk to anyone i want why is this same right not awarded to the players and coaches of this team. I read drinnans blog daily and love his whl coverage, but will have to side with the blazers simply because of the turmoil created by Rothenburger and his cronies flexing there percieved muscles.

Steven said...

It has recently come to light that Drinnan once editorialized that the Swift Current Broncos should induct Graham James into their hall of fame. Speaks to the man's character.

and people wonder why the Blazers don't want this guy around the team???

Jon Keen said...

Steven, I wouldn't say he necessarily said that. That's not entirely true. However, it was a slap in the face to that organization on what was a special night in which they honored the 89 memorial cup champions. It was an icredible night.

As for the last comment, it looks like the KDN has taken a second glance at things judging by todays editorial. A step towards a resolution.

Anonymous said...

Just read Mr. Rothenburger's latest 'Armchair Mayor'.

A lot less swagger coming from the KDN today. Some serious back peddling. Something huge has happened behind the scenes that has rocked the KDN hard.

Looks like the KDN's recent barrage of half truths is about to blow up in their face.

Anonymous said...

Jon with regards to the other scoring on Friday night besides the first line you gave praise too, you might want to mention that Colin Smith got his first hat-trick and Dylan Willick scored a empty net goal.

Jon Keen said...

I wasn't doing a scoring recap, I was talking about line-up and line changes with Schaber being out

Anonymous said...

why not...