Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blazers Get Thumbs Down From Seattle Blogger

At least one blogger out there isn't a fan of the Blazers end-of-game celebration.... this is from from fan blogger Mike Caccioppoli.....

"Speaking of the integrity of the game I want to talk about the Blazers over the top celebration at the end of the game. This has been mentioned before but I paid attention this time and I have to say that it should be stopped by the league. Upon scoring the controversial winning goal the entire team raised their sticks over their heads and pumped them for a good minute or so. They did this while facing the crowd and the opposing bench. The entire time their coach Guy Charron just looked on and smirked.

I'm guessing the league wants their players to act like pros. Maybe I'm wrong here. Maybe they don't care if they act like 10 year olds. Maybe the Blazers don't realize that they also currently have the worst record in the Western Conference. No matter where they stand though, that kind of over the top celebration is bush league to say the least. The Blazers should more concerned with stopping this before it negatively affects their team. They should be less worried about muting sports writers. "

I seriously laughed out loud reading the line "it should be stopped by the league".

Sure, I've blogged in the past in can be a bit excessive...but gimme break.

As you were....



Anonymous said...

The blogger in Seattle also ran for Congress in AZ...he's a joke.,_Jr.

Jon Keen said...

Yes, perhaps but at least he's willing to put his name down to his comments, so I do respect that. He's blogging, he has an opinion. There should be more like him.

Anonymous said...

if your team finds it offensive, its simple to stop..... beat the loops. then you dont have to see it.

Mike Caccioppoli said...

Running for Congress is a joke? More people should take a stand and do something instead of just complaining and sitting on their butts.

And thanks Jon

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,

I respect you for defending Mike Caccioppoli in th face of an anonymous troll who cheapens your own fine site with his gratuitous venom.

I don't think anonymous trolls should be published, because they tend to be ugly and personal in their comments and of course they do this while hiding behind their mother's skirt.

And what is so bad about being a congressional candidate anyway ?

I mean if Michelle Bachmann can do it, who can't !

PS: Go Birds !

Jay Diamond

Jon Keen said...

Yes Jay you're right. The anonymous scum around the Blazers is quite prevalent.

No celebration tonight Mike...the league will sleep well. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Oh so true. The one idiot you have there takes the cake! It's awesome that you don't let him post here. It's scum free zone lol. He has his little board though which he removes comments that he doesn't agree with and signs in with three or four different names. Get a life!

Jon Keen said...

Yes he emailed me a bunch of crap a couple weeks into the job here. I instantly figured out he was inbalanced. Then he wanted to be friends. Funniest/Weirdest thing I've ever seen.

Mike Caccioppoli said...

A few things...first of all do you really think the Loops need to give any teams more incentive to beat them?

The NFL stops excessive celebration by handing out penalties and fines, so why not the WHL?

Now the brass of the Loops should just say "Come on guys thats enough now.." but we have seen some nutty actions recently by them so I wouldn't expect it.

You don't think the celebration is a big deal? Come back to me after it causes a brawl after a game and guys are hurt.

What's the one thing most fans agree is best about hockey over other sports? The respect they show at the end of games in the playoffs. The handshake line. Does hockey want to go down that road of being a bunch of punks like the NBA and over the top celebrations like the NFL?

Just show some class, the celebration is silly at best but also it's not professional, heck it's not even semi-professional.

Also thanks for standing up for bloggers Jon, but "Fan" blogger? I blog for ESPN radio and I mean are we not all "fans" of the game or even the teams we cover in depth? I have personally covered every home game and at least half of the road games. How about "Beat Reporter?"

I understand there is a ref in the WHL who used to own season tickets for a certain team.. is he a "fan ref?"


Jon Keen said...

Mike, as I've blogged in the past few weeks about it, It's not a direct "in your face" tactic towards the other's just a mock celebration from a video game of yesteryear. Although, it's being perceived as a taunt.

Perception is reality I guess.

I've agreed it has to be toned down...and actually the celebration in Seattle was a mere shadow of what's it been.

As for the "fan" blogger certainly came off like a "fan" blog post.

Again, perception is reality.

Anonymous said...

Jon, I know who that message board guy who the guy above is referring too. What a waste of a human being. You shouldn't even give him the time of day. Good for you

Jon Keen said...

I don't. That's why he is so angry.

Mike Caccioppoli said...

I'd love to know who this guy is but I don't know who you are all talking about.

Also it was my observance as someone who watches a lot of games and reports on them.

You are a play by play guy, so is Regan Bartel but you also have your own blogs where you give opinions at times. I wouldn't call you "fan broadcasters."

Anyway I feel as though I'm beating a dead horse. Just tell the guys to get over the NHL '94 crap. There is a reason why it's 17 years old.

thanks again and good blog Jon

Anonymous said...

Hilarious debate - one clear difference from the NHL and NFL - these are kids still - you all forget that - average age of the blazers is just over 18 years old. Have any of you watched a CFL game and the celebration that goes on even when a team is losing after a good play. Come on...give them a break they are only doing it when they win...........I think everyone needs to put it in perspective.