Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Charron Addresses Woes

After another lopsided loss last night and the eighth defeat in the last nine games, Blazers Head Coach Guy Charron expressed some frustration this afternoon as the team did an off-ice workout at Chilliwack's Prospera Center.

"My approach has always been to treat people in a fair way. I'm kind of asking myself it's the right approach for junior players, for kids. I hear a lot of things about other coaches who are hard on their players and getting the right response or effort. I realize more and more I may be too soft on these guys in respect to what I demand."

He continued about the plan moving forward with a day off today...

"I would have liked to probably take them on the ice and skate them hard for an hour and half until they as we say in the old days, get sick...old time hockey. But we don't have that available, it's been a tough schedule. We try to do the right things, we will have a video session tonight (after supper). A picture is worth a 1000 words and if they can see the way they're playing and don't respond to it, then they're the wrong people to have on your team."

Charron doesn't feel some players aren't doing themselves any favours moving forward.

"There is certain players on this team I would never think of exchanging or trading but there are players right now that are putting themselves in a predicament that at the end of the season when he assess our team, maybe a change will be needed for us not to go through what we've gone through this year."


The way the team has played has not been to the level that's acceptable for the coaching staff, even if some key players are out. I think the challenge has been issues. At this point, the team can't afford to continue to go backwards in the final 6-7 weeks of the regular season


Here's an event next weekend with the Blazers hosting the Chilliwack Bruins, proceeds to Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

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Anonymous said...

Guy is one of the classiest guys in the Dub and I hope for the players sake they start to listen. He is probably a wealth of info who can help these kids reach there goals. Very glad hes here god only knows where we would be without him.